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These are the statistics compiled by STOCK PERFORMANCE GUIDE (SPG) By Dynaquest of Dr Neah Soon Kean. MULPHA INTERNATIONAL. I know Dynaquest will release the new version of stock performance guide for Sept and hits mph by Nov , also can order online first. There are over 1, of Public Listed Companies(PLC) in the Bursa Malaysia. How do you select a stock to invest in? Do you use Technical.

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No, you may access the platform directly at dqinfo. He recommended selling this stock to buy the other. A powerful search-tool that allows users to set their own criterias and parameters, such as business sector, minimum dividend yield, maximum price and many more combinations.

Tool for Stock Analysis

Don’t worry lah SPG will still come back in better form. Many things have changed now. Any updates will be announced on our dnyaquest. Dynaquest provides boutique investment advisory services to a number of large to very large investment institutions including insurance companies, mutual funds and investment companies as well as individuals.

In closing, I would very much like to thank all our readers, past and present, for your strong support.

Stock Performance Guide Malaysia | Dynaquest

I bought Talam at Rm1. After much soul searching and careful consideration, we dynaquedt decided that it is no longer economical for us to continue to publish this guide book in its current form. Due to the complexity of our platform and the fact that we do not offer refunds, we strongly encourage that dynaqudst customers experience our products first hand before committing to a subscription.


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Investment Advisory Service

The good thing about it is that it displays the financial data for a company in a consistent format which allows you to do comparisons among companies very easily. Actually in the realm of serious investment it is actually very dull and unexciting. Kindly disable any pop-up blockers or change your settings to allow pop-ups from our website. Another interesting Stock Dr Neoh owned is Evergreen.

Even if it costs me Rm1, a copy I will still buy it”.

Tool for Stock Analysis | Random Thoughts

This will be faster for capitalisation changes or corporate developments while financial results will take longer. Using the Screener, subscribers are able to effortlessly filter out all gujde companies and also discover new companies that meet their personal investment standards.

If you are still having issues, kindly contact us directly. Most of the time, the horses mouth tips is not reliable as it has passed Results 1 – 48 of Download Dynaquest Stock Performance Guide Evergreen was one of last year’s Top Performer rising from 50 cents to Rm2. Hi everyone, I know Dynaquest will release the new version of stock performance guide for Sept and hits mph by Novalso can order online first think so. I was referring to history.


Hence we have disabled this function for the trial. To directly access the relevant part of the Glossary, you may press the blue-highlighted header e.

A must have for all old and new investors. Can I access the platform using my mobile phone or tablet?

It includes most of the listed companies of them in KLSE. Please select the xtock you wish to subscribe to and your account will be activated once payment is complete. I kept one in Singapore and another copy in Johor for easy reference.

The website and platform are hosted separately. Show posts by this member only Post 5. I also would like to suggest fellow investors to get a copy of this book as well, so that we can know what we are investing in. Show posts by this member only Post 1. One dynaquedt the good filter is to buy a good fundamental company.