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Dweomercraft Familiars The d20 market has seen book specializing on classes, races, weapons, spells, prestige classes, feats and many other broader. Dweomercraft: Familiars. When I was a kid, and first started playing AD&D (1st edition), one of the funnest things about making a magic-user. Dweomercraft: Familiars has sections on how to play a familiar, and a discussion (and several options) on the true nature of the beast. The book then details.

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The Players Handbook has a very limited list of familiars available to the Sorcerer and the Wizard. If so, there will be no excuse for a flatly played familiar ever again. The point here dwfomercraft that elves will tend to have different familiars from dwarves and dwarves familiqrs have different familiars from medusas.

Much of the opening pages’ content is given over to flavour text. I really like the idea of having the death of a familiar be just a penalty in experience. The book also comes in a print version for people who prefer that. I loved this line “The goose and hummingbird from Table also seem to have flown the coop. And dweomegcraft, my eyes do sparkle when I see a chapter on Ooze familiars. Here’s a brazen idea – give the familiar a personality!

Dweomercraft: Familiars

Yes, those 1st ed days Well Familiars have come a long way, but not far enough. Chapter 13 gives items for equipping the master and the familiar, while Chapter 14 gives optional rules to make your familiar tougher, including giving them your experience points.

One of the things that Familiars does very well is show what familiars can do. Tuesday, 3rd August, Wyrd Reviews Red Dwarf: Taking things to the next level wheels out the required Prestige Class. Before we even consider what sort of personality the familiar might have the PDF looks at what sort of familiar – just by race – might suit which spell caster. When a creature’s stats are already available in the SRD its benefit is simply listed in the appropriate table.


In many ways dweomercaft familiar is an extension of the spell caster. Some creatures are what you’d expect to see and others are quite creative. At the very least and we don’t need to hunt for the silver lining here these sections provide GMs famipiars ideas.

Crouch Monkey, Hidden Toad. There are many, many new types of familiars presented here. Here’s a large catch-all for animals that don’t fit into any of the previous four animal chapters. A few magical items are also listed, from the mundane but useful Bowl of Staple Rations to the flashier Collar of Flying.

I would think twice about taking one into a dungeon. These are just a few of the fun questions this first chapter answers. Not only that, Familars will give lots of ideas to both the DM and Player. That’s an impressive range of familiars there – far far, far, far beyond the usual scope. You have to be impressed dwoemercraft even a Kiwi is listed, and even a Koala bear. The art is very appropriate to the topics of the chapters it is in and of a good consistent style.

There are sensible suggestions – chapters, even – about how to toughen familiars up. Art is handled by Ceredwyn – I liked a few pieces such as the chapter headings and the dweomegcraft owl on p. Don’t miss these posts.

There are 10 pages before you see anything that looks like a stat block or number crunch. I would think twice about taking one into a dungeon. Friday, 20th February, Familiars was evidently an ensemble effort with Steve Creech, Michael Hammes, Neal Levin and David Woodrum all sharing the dweojercraft credit, and five others credited for additional writing.

At the beginning of almost every chapter there are stories about familiars. The pdf however does not have any bookmarks in it. Familiars are a prime candidate for coverage by third-party d20 publishers, given that less than familliars dozen animals are available in the core rules, without much in the way of options for augmenting them. I like having lots of room in supplements.


Dweomercraft: Familiars

Similar Threads Question to: After these opening ten pages of flavour, concept introduction and lead in come some pretty brazen ideas. Hellhounds and mephits are among the recognizable creatures here, while new creatures include the Phenix a tiny bird with the fire subtype and the Prismatic Archon for righteous characters who are willing to save up for a CR 5 familiar.

Familiars is divided into 14 chapters. If you want people to leave you alone you could get a skunk familiar, and a mole would make a cool familiar for a gnome. That could be why this chapter is fairly short with just a few new familiars like the flying skull.

I like the idea of an exploitative familiar. The chapter goes further by outlining familiar traits – mostly undesirable traits like being stubborn, envious and so on.

This is the last chapter covering specific familiars. Each chapter begins with reasons why to choose a familiar famioiars this type and why not to choose a familiar of this type. I remember having a mouse familiar that saved me in the thick of battle by biting on an orc, inflicting that last point of damage just before it could cleav me into half with a rusty battleaxe.

Newer gamers, or gamers who just haven’t given much thought to their familiar, could benefit from dweomerrcaft ideas in the first couple chapters of the book. I imagine those are some titles that people do not know of but they should. Yeah, I know, ooze familiars are too silly.