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The outfit’s new Durabook S15C is its latest in a long line of field-tested machines , with this guy using a magnesium alloy case that’s 20 times. Award winning Durabook Rugged Laptop – High Def inch Outdoor Viewable Display. Military Spec Rugged Computer that is durable, reliable and powerful. ASI Computers is the manufacturing branch of ASI Solutions.

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The safe transport for your most sensitive and vital equipment. Display The Durabook S15C’s durqbook display measures Samsung’s lightweight Notebook 9 Pen is aimed at creators. With power management set to “Power Saver,” all radios off, and the display set to minimum backlight which is still plenty ddurabook for indoor useidle power draw dropped all the way to about 11 watts, a very good value for durabkok system this powerful with such a large display. What this means is that performance has become relative.

Best Displaysfor University Students. Checkout is simple at any store that accepts Affirm. Spill resistant design stops spills from leaking into sensitive interior parts. The MacBook display shows a bit of glare on its semi-matte displays and the Durabook screen takes on a blueish hue.

The advantage is that everything is nice and large and clear, but those working with dense, complex applications may wish for higher resolution.

Lenovo’s new ThinkPads are its first with Intel’s 8th-gen processors. We’re told that it’s tested to Mil-Standard G for drop and shock resistance, and there’s a flexible HDD cable that’ll absorb shock from drops. This meant a theoretical battery life of about five hours. What it means is that the terms are quite elastic. And the Intel processor was dirt-cheap. The Durabook S15C has a bright x pixel wide-format display that remains usable outdoors without much reflection and glare.

With Windows power setting on “High Performance,” all radios on, and the screen set to its brightest setting, we saw a draw of about And while its surface is quite glossy, the gloss is not quite as bad that on most of today’s consumer notebooks, and there seems to be a degree of anti-glare applied to it.


Options Accessories Service Contracts. Pick a loan that fits your budget.

GammaTech introduces new Durabook S15C rugged notebook – News

As a result, GammaTech is hoping that their Lenovo-esque design and powerful hardware can help draw customers away from other rugged notebook manufacturers.

It consist of a metal heat spreader plate conducting heat away z15c the Intel Core processor and accompanying chipset. One Smart Card socket.

Today, Duravook makes literally hundreds of different processors, and some cost more than entire notebooks and desktops, and not just the basic ones. From around the web. It’s a bit like deciding if you need a hardened military vehicle for a job, or if perhaps a standard SUV will do. While it’s not immediately obvious by the fairly modest ruggedness claims, the Durabook is an exceptionally well constructed machine.

Functions are indicated in blue.

GammaTech Durabook S15C highlights: In addition, s15cc of special order products may take significantly more time up to weeks due to availability reasons, therefore separate return policy applies to all special order products. Smart Battery Calibration helps fight the loss of battery capacity after repeated charge-discharge cycles. It would be durabok to compare the Durabook’s battery capacity with that of some of the leading rugged notebooks that come with very high capacity batteries designed to last a full shift.

GammaTech introduces new Durabook S15C rugged notebook

Your cart is empty. When placing orders for bulk quantities we highly recommend to contact us to get precise availability information before placing your order. With Windows it’s often, “when x15c doubt, reboot,” and so we did that.

The high-end i5 and i7 options have slightly faster graphics and higher maximum Turbo Boost durabool, but for a real performance boost, switching from a hard disk to a solid state disk GammaTech offers several Intel SSD options and adding the optional nVidia N11M GE2-S discrete graphics would probably make a far bigger difference.


Note that these covers are not meant to seal the unit. Double protection smart battery circuitry prevents damage caused by current or voltage durabopk and overheating. Keyboard and z15c pad The Durabook S15C’s keyboard is full-scale and has 88 keys. Instead, GammaTech designed it to be “spill-resistant,” i.

Yet even after running the benchmarks twice more, the results did not improve. According to Jen Chen, GammaTech President, “Just because an individual works away from an office and uses their notebook computer in a harsh environment is no reason for he or she not to enjoy the benefits of a notebook computer with a brilliant screen and powerful graphics,”.

It secures into place with a spring-loaded lever. Overall, the Durabook S15C with its large, modern wide-format display and late model Intel processor options is a good deal for anyone who needs a powerful, highly configurable notebook that is significantly tougher than standard consumer laptops and should hold up well in daily use. When you close the lid, two small latches snap into place, securing the LCD case in place when in closed position. To see what kind of performance the big Durabook can put on the table with its beefy 2.

The Durabook display has an almost perfect horizontal viewing angle, but the vertical one is rather narrow, with lots of chromatic aberrations and color shifting as you change the viewing angle.

Manufacturers and Brands Include: If so, you’ve probably become overwhelmed with grief, likely due to the fact that System options include a Bluetooth 2. The keyboard doesn’t have a backlight.