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The DuKane underwater acoustic beacon is designed to generate a kHz signal that radiates underwater to a distance of about 2 miles. Works to a depth of . Find great deals for Dukane Underwater Acoustic Beacon DK Battery. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Dukane DK Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Dukane DK Technical Manual.

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Fresh or salt water Radiation Pattern This section describes the installation of thebeacon mounting kits and the installation of theDK Series beacons into these mounts. Rated output over 80 percent of sphere Size Beacon Specifications Operating Frequency: Because the old O-ring may have developed a set with age, O-ring replacement is mandatory at the time of battery change.

Observe the clearances required as shown in Figures 5 and 6, and in established tool and maintenance clearances.

Dukane DK : Underwater Acoustic Beacon Technical Manual

Dukane Corporation will remanufacture or replace any unit or battery found not to be in conformity with this warranty. The beacon requires NO battery maintenance.

At or near the expiration date listed on the case, the beacon can be returned to Dukane Corporation for battery change and overhaul to appropriate standards. Remove shock cushion from battery end of beacon if not removed with do120.

Make sure the case and water switch are clean and dry prior to testing. Lay out four holes as shown in Figure duakne Rotate the beacon in the mount so that the beacon replacement date can dukand read. This warranty does not cover: Locate the label on the beacon body in the space provided as shown in Figure If the beacon is returned to Dukane Corporation and is found to be operational, the beacon dk102 be returned to the customer shipping collect.


If vertical mounting is employed, the switch end should be facing downwards to reduce the accumulation of grease and dirt on the switch end. Do not use a steel screwdriver or sharp tool because of danger of damaging O-ring groove. Remove the old battery. Insure that proper protection for the beacon is provided i. Always remove beacon from mount prior to marking or drilling.

Install a flat washer and nut on each end of the retainer straps.

Safety Data Sheets & Service Bulletins

Make sure that the beacon case is clean and dry prior to testing. Lay out four holes as shown in Figure 5. NOTE The mounting bracket can vukane used as a template to mark for drilling the holes prior to the installation of the beacon.

Insert the ends of the retainer straps throughthe 0.

The beacon must be taken out of service according to the expiration date printed on the beacon case and returned to the factory for service. As shown on page 6 and 7, the DK Series beacons operate for 1. Be sure access duiane the securing plate end is available for future beacon installation and removal. Tell us about it.

Install a flat washer and nut on each end of theretainer straps. The pulses generated are approximately 10 milliseconds in duration, and occur about once per second in water. A clean switch will allow moisture to collect into droplets and run off the switch, without activating the beacon.

The proper mounting location should also provide for clearance for removing the beacon from its mounting hardware. In the case of a failure which is determined to be within the Warranty terms Section VIIthe beacon will be replaced by Dukane Corporation at the sole discretion of Dukane Corporation.


Dukane DK120 Manuals

Dispose of batteriespromptly, keep away from children. If the beacon is returned to Dukane Corporation and is found to be out of Warranty, the cost of an overhauled beacon will be determined and the customer will be notified for the dukzne approvals. Insure that the battery pad remains in beacon. Direct contact between the beacon case and water is necessary for actuation and acoustic radiation. In order to avoid accumulation of moisture on the water-switch, the device should be mounted with the long axis of the beacon horizontal or with the water-switch facing down.

Insure that proper protection for the beacon is provided i. When a beacon is returned to the customer after warranty service, the remainder of the original warranty will be applied to the returned beacon.

Reason for the return. Call Dukane Corporation, Seacom Division at dk1220 appropriate service charges or further information about the Service Program. Using Figure 9 as a guide, locate the four 0. Clean the switch end insulator to prevent leakage currents from occurring across the switch. In addition to observance of the preceding mandatory considerations, where possible the selection of a mounting location should provide for convenient beacon access during inspection intervals.

Quantity of beacons that are being returned.