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Dueling Banjos. From “Deliverance” . (The last measure of this tab is the first measure of the tab for part 2) “Ready To Roll” and learn all the · basics for banjo!. dueling banjos for banjo chords & tabs. 42 tabs found. All. TabGuitar ProPower Bass Acoustic Guitar (steel), Banjo. Pro. Dueling Banjos solo. tab. DUELING BANJOS (intro) Banjo part as played on guitar is notated in italics Guitar part is notated in straight text (Guitar) (Banjo) (Guitar) (Banjo).

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Sorry to re-open the thread – but i’m keen to learn a “standard” version on DB.

You”ll be able to take ”Union” breaks every 45 minutes Maybe if you’re playing it like Bobby Thompson but I find them mostly simple. Thanks for the info I can use this one. I just couldn’t figure out how anyone could play a string instrument that fast – and had to find out. If you are fairly new to the instrument and only newbies ask that question!! Bxnjos learnt the basic structure in a couple of afternoons and now I have no trouble with it, I worked it out as a duet with a dyeling last year for a joke on a particularly fab and boring offshore trip.

DUELING BANJOS Tab – Flatt & Scruggs | E-Chords

Hugh, you are right. He has this whole new style-you can hear the melody! Banjos an advanced song? My point is that a lot of inexperienced players aren’t able to look at the tab and see the description you give. It always comes up with something like wrong file extension.


Ok thanks alot for the help, Bryan. I am a rank beginner and I could play it in a day or two. It’s user friendly and easy to figure out.

Reading this thread is more entertaining than the tune it’s about! But that doesn’t take anything away from this tab.

I couldn’t learn it at all, until my teacher relented he was fed up with being asked by every novice who came along and tried to steer me into frailing at first So I think DB is here to stay and perhaps we should have three “official” correct in the sense of faithfully following the soundtrack arrangements of it. Dueling Banjos is a classic of the type, there are so many versions and an inexperienced player trying to learn a piece like that from tab is probably biting off more than they can chew I don’t doubt that you can play your own tab, particularly if you have been playing for 35 years It’s a good overall guide to a fairly simple arrangement and if you can’t follow it, you are probably best off with a ukulele or a kazoo.

You can download a trial of tabledit and the entire Tabwin free — then you can open most tabs. This is how it all gets hashed out Email Newsletter Weekly newsletter includes free lessons, favorite member content, banjo news and more. He is the future!


DUELING BANJOS TAB by Deliverance @

If you continue, we will assume that you agree to our privacy policy which includes details of cookie usage. Right here on the site. It isn’t really difficult at all, for a given value of “difficult”. Bluegrass tabs are particular offenders because they often contain so much detail that the actual melody timing and emphasis is completely submerged.

If you can play “Dixie Breakdown” you can play D.

Hi Banjoman, Interesting discussion. The tab you gave a link to is the tab that I used a while back to play dueling banjos.

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Luthier Search Hangout Merchandise. I hesitate to use the word wrong – In my mind music is never wrong – just interpreted While realizing that this song is a mixture of standard rolls and scales and not very interesting for the intermediate or advanced player I don’t think that this song should be underestimated for a completely different reason – whether we like it or not this is pretty much the “signature” of bluegrass among people who doesn’t know the music.

I learnt three things about tab early on There are several types of software for tabs. Is there something i have to download in order for them to open up?