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DL15 Mists of Krynn (1e) – Krynn – a vast, mysterious planet filled with wonder, beauty, and danger. The home of the best-selling Dragonlance. Dragonlance began life as the vision of game designer Tracy Hickman. DL15 Mists of Krynn () and DL16 The World of Krynn (). DRAGONLANCE┬« adventure for a well- balanced party between 3d and 5th levels, set in the lands of Nordmaar. Although the adventure is best set a gen-.

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Dragonlance | Dungeons & Dragons

Views Read Edit View history. Here they outlined a dagonlance epic event for Dragonlance: In Dragons of Iceafter leaving Thorbardin, the player characters head south into the polar regions, journeying along the glaciers in search of Icewall Castle. These two were not originally part of the DL series but were added two years after the series was completed.

DL15 also contains source book material.

Originally an external writer was hired, but the design group found themselves more and more disillusioned with his work. These modules along with the Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy of novels, which follow one possible adventure series through the modules, were the first published items that established the Dragonlance fictional universe. In Dragons of Dreamsthe player characters free the elven kingdom of Silvanesti from a plague of magical nightmares.

Tales of the Dragon’s Bard. Dragons of Mystery by El15 S. Greg takes a moment to thank the listeners for sticking around all year long! First, instead of being stand alone adventures, or a short series of adventures, they combined into a single large plot arc.


Shelve Dragons of Triumph.

The Dragonlance Nexus does not publish any of the products listed in the Products section. World of Krynn by Douglas Niles.

DL series – Wikipedia

This printing was available as two slip case sets Dragonlance Volume 1: Here are the visitor reviews we have of DL Archived from the original on This book, released inprovided resources to allow Dungeon Masters to continue campaigning in the Dragonlance world.

DL11 is a wargame that can be played by itself or as a campaign tool to create a backdrop for the individual adventures.

Continuing from the previous module, Dragons of Despairthe players reenact the Dragonlance story using the pre-generated players. We are expressly prohibited from charging you to use or access this content. Dragonlance began life as the vision of game designer Tracy Hickman. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Read Currently Reading Want to Read. This new novel told of the epic battle against Chaos, but more importantly it created a new status quo for Krynn: World of Krynn presents four scenarios for player charactersincluding three dungeon crawls a dragon’s lair, a minotaur’s island, and Dargaard Keep, home of the undead and a wilderness quest.

DL15 Mists of Krynn and DL16 World of Krynn on DNDClassics.com!

The Dragonlance game project began with an idea by Tracy and Laura Hickman dragonlacne a world dominated by dragons. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: In Dragons of Truththe player characters cross the draconian -occupied lands in drsgonlance of the heart of the Dragon Empire, but they must pass tests set for them by the gods in order to find their way.


Later in the development process it was decided that a trilogy of fantasy novels would be released with the modules.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fiction led the way: Dragons of Truth by Tracy Hickman. Shelve Dragons of Glory. The world of Krynn was another innovation: By Shelly Mazzanoble and Greg Tito. In Dragons of Hopethe player characters help the freed prisoners from Pax Tharkas to escape a draconian army, and help them find Thorbardin; to do so, the key to Thorbardin is hidden deep in the lair of an ancient wizard.

Dragonlance Series

This allowed for shorter character arcs within the larger story. The War of the Lance Campaign Book”. Second, players didn’t use their own characters, as in other modules, they played preexisting characters such as Tasslehoff Burrfoot.

Shelve Dragons of Despair. Shelve World of Krynn. Wizards continued with its publication of SAGA dagonlance throughbut their tenor changed. During this period, Weis and Hickman also wrote new Dragonlance novels for Wizards.

Dragons of Light by Jeff Grubb. Graphics are representational only. Connors, was named after the new era that settled upon Krynn following the end of the Chaos War. The Annals of Drakis. Products by Type Specialized lists of Dragonlance products. This page was last edited on 3 Septemberfl15 However, fans can once more enjoy the return of classic Dragonlance material being added to DnDClassics.