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Double Eagle was written by Dan Abnett, and is a spin off from his popular Gaunts Ghosts series. It was first published as a hardback in , and released as a. Double Eagle Type Novel Series Gaunt’s Ghosts Author Dan Abnett Publisher The Black Library Binding Hardcover Released July Pages ISBN Double Eagle by Dan Abnett, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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This was a really fantastic read – like something out of a WWII mass air combat war story, but with vector-thrust aircraft and the enemy are evil cultists instead of evil racists. This battle is a side battle mentioned in Gaunt’s Ghosts, and there are a few mentions of scenes one of the Ghost’s books.

This book has themes of several classic aerial combats films and stories and its a fun read throughout. Jun 28, Peter rated it it was amazing. This character had a great deal of potential but sadly, that potential was never really realized.

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Hate speech, trolling, and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated, and may result in a ban. If that’s the case you might want to avoid a lot of Dan Abnett’s work, as he tries to keep it as abett as possible while still being within 40k. Despite the lack of a well-determined enemy, this book is a great read.

Set your 40kLore flair

Abnett does an excellent job of describing everything, from landscape to aircraft, to combat and beyond. There is a great deal of air combat, which Abnett delivers with exquisite skill. Feb abnettt, David Hellstrom rated it it was amazing. Review quote So believable you can almost feel the gut-wrenching G forces – SciFi.


If you can’t get to the point in a few paragraphs, it might not be worth posting. Science Fiction Science Fiction.

The unit really is a whole, from machine, to tech, to pilots. I stuck with it though, and it paid off! Set your 40kLore flair via the wondrous Flair Selection Page. He makes several appearances, always defeating those he faces, or driving them to extreme measures to dn. On est au coeur du conflit, et on le vit avec ceux qui mettent leurs vies en danger.

Not that Abnet doesn’t know a good bit about “red mist”, but he also knows character development, setting, and plotting too. Feb 22, Michael J. Conflicts in air and on land are illustrated with vivid detail, and he even goes so far as to put times and places at the beginning of every sub-chapter, to make things easier for readers.

Another arc of the story deals with a bomber pilot who is in another unit. You have been warned.

Aegle way Abnett very obviously draws from history more than most 40k authors. Double Eagle reads less like a novel and more like an authentic World War II chronicle of an aerial campaign over Europe or in the Pacific.

Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. Its a rare book for the 40k universe, if not the only one dealing with aerial combat and this increases its appeal. Yeah, you can find there a lot of references to the battle of England, but is that so bad?


Double Eagle (Warhammer) by Dan Abnett

A pilot is much better trained than your standard guardsman and in control of an extremely valuable piece of technology whether it’s a Marauder, a Thunderbolt, or a Lightning.

Daemonic forces push into Imperial territory, thousands of refugees flee across the deserts and an infamous Chaos-tainted pilot, Khrel Kas Obarkonrules the sky, his skill in the cockpit matched only by his kill tally. There are also some new recruits in their ranks just waiting to exgle themselves in combat, such dougle Vander Marquall, who desperately wants to become an Ace.

Pay the Imperial Tithe.

Something of an aside to the Ghosts storyline, this novel takes place on a planet suffering from a Chaos invasion in the Sabbat Campaign that Abnett has written so much about. You lose the pilot, you lose the machine and that’s a big deal.

Goodreads is the world’s largest vouble for readers with over 50 million reviews. Mar 28, Christian added it. Dan has a degree from Oxford in English and he knows his douhle around a dictionary. The planes are also like characters, given their jinxes and idiosyncrasies.

Double Eagle

Try Titanicus if you want a larger scale novel by him but it shares many tenets with his other work. This is really my favorite part of the book. Dobule really reminded me of Squadron by A.