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Testo consolidato del Decreto Legislativo 93/ PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) 26 (Attuazione nuova Direttiva PED /68/UE) e Decreto / dm 04 testo pdf download. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for dm 04 testo pdf download. Will be grateful for any help! Top. /sostanze-e-miscele-modifiche-al-testo-unico_ mappatura-dmnuovo-servizio-sicurezza_ .

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Documenti Legislazione Prevenzione Incendi. Linea guida Ispesl carrelli elevatori Linea guida per il controllo periodico dello stato di manutenzione ed efficienza dei f.m.329 elevatori e delle relative attrezzature.

Standard merged with B When specific safeguarding testi are listed, they are based on sound safety practices; however, alternatives that provide equivalent protection are acceptable. This standard does not deal with damage to domestic animals, property or the environment. Ott 20, Machines covered by this standard are intended to work metals and other man—made materials. This standard applies to machines, and groups of machines arranged in production systems, for processing strip, sheet, or plate metal from a coiled or non-coiled configuration through machines that size or otherwise convert the metal into desired configurations.

Excluded from the requirements of this standard are NC Tfsto Machines where manual control is used only to set the machine for automatic production.

Excluded from the requirements in this standard are: The requirements of this standard apply to machines with single or multiple spindles that are specifically constructed to produce gear teeth by the process of hobbing, milling, shaping, and broaching. Documenti Legislazione Guide marcatura CE. The requirements of this standard apply only to those mechanically-powered machine tools commonly referred to as mechanical e.m.329 presses, which transmit force mechanically to cut, form, or assemble metal or other materials by means of tools or dies attached texto or operated by slides.

Power tools, portable by hand are also excluded from this standard. Other industry sectors may benefit from applying this standard. Excluded from the requirements for tssto standard are: This standard defines technical principles to help designers in achieving safety in the design of machinery. This standard applies to machine tools using a laser for processing materials, and its associated equipment.


This standard provides guidance in understanding and implementing safety-related control functions functional safety and specifications as they relate to electrical, electronic, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic components and systems for machines covered by the B11 series of safety standards. Nov 29, This standard provides performance requirements for the design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of the safeguarding listed below when applied to machines.

The requirements of this standard apply to those horizontal hydraulically powered presses that extrude metals by means of applying sufficient pressure to an individual metal billet, confined within a container, to force the metal to be extruded through the configured tfsto of a die.

This standard specifies the safety requirements for the design, construction, operation and maintenance including installation, dismantling, and transport of machining centers and automatic numerically controlled milling, drilling and boring machines. These machines may have automatic capability but may not be equipped with automatic tool changing or automatic part handling systems.

Alligator shears; bar shears; billet shears; manually powered machines; nibblers; portable hand tools; portable machines; power press brakes; power presses; and power shears. La tutela della salute e sicurezza della… Leggi tutto. Feb 07, This standard specifies safety requirements for the design, construction, modification, operation and maintenance including installation, dismantling and transport of a general class of stationary machine tools that use a saw blade tool to cut off or change the shape of the workpiece.

Ago 24, Nov 20, Dic 16, This standard does not provide the requirements for the selection of the safeguarding for a particular application.

ANSI B11 Standards Series – Certifico Srl

Menu Certifico Safety Software certifico. Ott 09, These machines are commonly referred to as metal powder presses, powder metal presses, compacting presses, pill presses, rotary PM presses, PM briquetting testl, powder metal forging presses, metal powder sizing presses, or metal powder coining presses.


This standard also applies d.m.3229 ancillary devices integrated into the machine e. These machines may have automatic capability but may not be equipped with automatic part handling or bar—feed mechanisms nor automatic tool changing systems.

Excluded from the requirements of this standard are: Included are pointers and roll formers when they are mechanically an integral part of the basic machine. Nov 22, X sono il riferimento tecnico per la sicurezza delle macchine nel mercato americano.

Norme armonizzate – Lista.

dm 329 04 testo pdf download

Mobile e relativi accessori di sollevamento3. Documenti Legislazione Testo Unico Ambiente. The shears that are excluded from the requirements of this standard are slitting-rotary, nibblers; coil slitters; portable hand tools; rotary-blade slitters and shears; iron workers; alligator; angle, bar, bean, channel, and notching machines. Excluded from this standard are: This standard also applies to these machines when they are grinding materials other than metals such as glass, ceramics, plastics, and rubber.

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d.m.392 This standard also provides performance requirements for complementary equipment and measures, safe work procedures, and safety functions. This standard provides requirements for use in developing effective safeguarding methods to protect people from injury due to inadvertent contact with mechanical power transmission apparatus. This standard specifies safety requirements for the design, construction, operation and maintenance including installation, dismantling and transport of gear and spline cutting machines see 3.