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In contrast, the Dissocubes® technology employs piston-gap homogenizers. The technology was developed by Müller and colleagues (, ) and later. DissoCubes are part of Nanosuspension preparation. In which piston–gap high- pressure homogenization occurs. The main advantages of this technology. Employing piston-gap homogenizers, Müller and coworkers developed the Dissocubes technology (now belonging to Skyepharma plc) and the.

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This is achieved by single or repeated energy applications, followed by thermal relaxation. Preparation of griseofulvin nanoparticles from water-dilutable microemulsions.

Journal of Nanomaterials

The drug was dissolved in 2-propanol and then precipitated by adding an aqueous solution containing surfactants for stabilization purposes. Grease ball molecules are highly lipophilic with high due to no interactions with water. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Licensewhich permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original dissocubse is properly cited. However, limitations such dissocubess toxicity of surfactants which are often used in high doses to keep drug in the dispersed state and limited drug loading have been identified [ 24 ].

Nanotechnology, Biology, and Medicinevol. Adv Colloid Interface Sci. In this case, the formulation as a nanosuspension employing the NANOEDGE process resulted in an up to fold bioavailability increase in the rat models compared to the control formulation [ 27 ].

However, the processes benefited from different drug characteristics. This model compound was dissolved in a 1: Control over the dose and rate allows more predictable pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic profiles after i. Modified-release drug delivery systems. There are already several products close to being marketed or in clinical trials.


Table 1 Properties of nanocrystals. Nanostructured hybrid materials from aqueous polymer dispersions. In vivo studies of Wang et al. The critical solvent characteristics that determine the process performance tehnology, among others, the freezing point, vapor pressure, and toxicity.

Because of the high boiling point and low vapour pressure of oily fatty acids and oils, the drop in pressure is not sufficient for cavitation and thus the latter is not a determining factor in this process. Table of Contents Alerts.

The nonsolvent is added to the solvent in a controlled manner using, for example, disocubes infuser device such as the Perfusor from B. Another drawback is that this technology achieves particle technoloyy markedly bigger than with standard technologies. Solubility enhancement alone is not the only important factor.

Eur J Pharm Sci. In this case, the improved reduction effectiveness was not linked to a change in the solid state behavior of the drug, but to the enhanced friability of the starting material [ 39 ]. Ultra-long duration local anesthesia produced by injection of lecithin-coated tetracaine microcrystals.

The same is valid for drug nanoparticles. Disxocubes are two basic milling principles. The aim of future studies is to combat the challenges associated with poorly soluble drugs in order to achieve high bioavailability, dissolution velocity, and bioadhesion of the drug.

There are various possibilities to produce nanocrystals in the desired shape and size. Parenteral administration includes administration of dosage forms by subcutaneous, i. The suspensions can also be lyophilized and into a solid matrix. With their own nanotechnology, Technloogy Pharmaceuticals Wakefield, MA has developed a way to produce silver nanoparticles which can be used in antimicrobiological coatings for medical use.


SRL is a macrocyclic immunosuppressive drug with a molecular weight of DissoCubes combine the advantages of using a size reduction technique i. Drugs which normally require food to become soluble will be bioequivalent as nanocrystals in fed and fasted states.

Combinative Particle Size Reduction Technologies for the Production of Drug Nanocrystals

Conventional pulmonary delivery systems provide only rapid drug release, poor residence time, and lack of selectivity [ ]. The subject dkssocubes was superior with the nanoparticulated itraconazol due to higher drug concentrations in the target organs compared to the standard solution formulation [ 2829 ]. Prerequisite was the availability of production facilities at sufficiently large scale.

The nanosuspension of Ketoprofen was successfully incorporated into pellets for the sustained release of drug over the period of 24 hours. It was dissocubss in N-methylpyrrolidone NMP and then precipitated by adding an aqueous diluent with surfactants. Nanosuspensions for the formulation of aphidicolin to improve drug targeting effects against Leishmania infected macrophages.

Additionally, the SEM analysis of these glibenclamide samples revealed the formation of spherical drug particles.