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Discussing the undiscussable. A workbook for improving group effectiveness and openness. Bob Dick and Tim Dalmau. This is a resource file which supports. Discussing the undiscussable. Dick, Bob, and Dalmau, Tim () Discussing the undiscussable: improving group effectiveness and openness. Paper prepared. Acad Med. Dec;89(12) doi: /ACM Discussing the undiscussable with the powerful: why and how faculty must learn to.

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Work individually and without talking, focus on the A and B lists.

It can be more comfortably done in 3 hours, and can easily be expanded to occupy half a day or a day. Added to Your Shopping Cart. You may want to undiscussbale this into account as you form groups.

You are not required to participate unless you choose to. Readers will instantly recognize discuwsing has long been going on in the workplace, and will be able to develop the skills to talk about it productively. Bill Noonan enlivens the s Paperback.

Discussing the Undiscussable: A Guide to Overcoming Defensive Routines in the Workplace

There is no requirement that you will actually reveal the undiscussable information. The minimum time for the activity as written is about 2 hours; the times for each step are given in the outline of the process above. Try to recall specific incidents and specific actions in as much detail as you can.

Description Since his landmark book Overcoming Organizational Defenses, Chris Argyris has extensively researched and written about how well-meaning, undiscussabel people create vicious cycles of defensive behavior to protect themselves from embarrassment and threat.

Sheina rated it it was ok Dec 23, In the light of the conditions agreed by the group, are there B items which you are now willing to move to your A list and perhaps C items which can be undisucssable to the B list? Before you begin, if you are working in an unfacilitated activity, agree on timing for each step. Some group rules are almost never discussed and therefore seldom negotiable. In which you reconsider the location of items on your B and perhaps your C list. Each person who wishes to, speaking as an individual, identifies the condition s that she is willing to try to observe.


If this small group is one where you know the other members well, compile your list for this group. Many of the results are undiscussable. So it is useful if group members are able to make informed judgments about the way the disxussing operates, and agree on changes if that is desirable, as it usually is. In lengthier activities there may be a structured “climate setting” activity in lieu of the informal discussion.

Gusic was, at the time this was written, executive associate dean for educational affairs, Dolores and John Read Professor of Medical Education, and professor of pediatrics, Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana. This document may be copied if it is not included in documents sold at a profit, and this and the following notice are included. Paperbackpages.

Good content but maybe because I knew Mutual Learning from Skilled Facilitator book already and also find myself being not very engaged in the book a bit bored? Continue to work individually and without talking.

Discussing the undiscussable

Alternatively, if most people undiwcussable the large group do not know each other well, it may be better to form groups of those people who know each other least well. This book offers hope for altering organizational defensive routines by leveraging the greatest opportunity for change-the undiscussablw we think and act.


Thinking about moving items has probably drawn your attention to the differences between A, B and C items particularly between A and B items.

Each group member obeys a set of rules which dictate what she may or may not say or do. James Atherton rated it liked it Jun 13, In which you compare notes with other group members on the conditions which would make it easier for you to discuss the items on your lists, particularly the B items.

You are working in a small group for this exercise: Before continuing, please read the following No trivia or quizzes yet.

Other concepts will be introduced at appropriate points throughout the workbook. However if you don’t know Mutual Learning discussinf it should be a good one. Zachary Harless rated it it was amazing Jun 22, If people are given multiple votes, and discouraged from voting for their own offerings, agreement on the top priorities usually occurs easily.

In any event, it is important to avoid groups which are “leftovers”: The activity will work more effectively, and you will get more out of it, if you understand the purpose discusisng process.

If you identify for yourself the information dlscussing the results of its undiscussability, the activity will have served its purpose whether you disclose it or not. It takes you through the steps in sufficient detail that you can work without a facilitator if someone is prepared to coordinate the activities of subgroups, and monitor the time.