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This Highway Code applies to England, Scotland and Wales. The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone. The Highway Code for Northern Ireland is also referred to as The Highway Code or the Code. It is essential reading for everyone who uses roads in Northern. The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone who uses roads in Northern Ireland.

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These include regulatory signs, which you must obey by law, low bridge and road works signs. It takes longer to pass a large vehicle. This advice applies to all crossings. The exceptions are when you want to overtake, turn right or pass parked vehicles or pedestrians in hibhway road keep well to the left on right-hand bends.

The Highway Code, road safety and vehicle rules

Feedback Would you like to leave feedback about this page? UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. Take great care when turning into a main road; you will need to watch for traffic in both directions and wait for a safe gap. Home Driving and transport.

This will increase your ability to see ahead and should allow the driver of the large vehicle to see you in their mirrors. You should drop back.

Warning, regulatory and speed limit signs How the signing system works and examples of the main sign types. Note – this is a large file.

The Highway Code | nidirect

When dorectgov an exit to the right or going full circle, unless signs or markings indicate otherwise. If the signal-controlled crossing is not working, proceed with extreme caution. Allow plenty of room. Find out more about cookies. UK uses cookies to make the site simpler.

Rule Wait until there is a safe gap between you and any oncoming vehicle. You should use your mirrors frequently so that you always know what is behind and to each side of you use them in good time before you signal or change direction or speed be aware that mirrors do not cover all areas and there will be blind spots.

General rules : Directgov – Travel and transport

Is this page useful? Keep the crossing clear Rule You should take extra care where the view of either side of the crossing is blocked by queuing traffic or incorrectly parked vehicles.

You may proceed in the direction of the green arrow when it, or the full green light shows. Toucan, puffin and equestrian crossings. The extra weight will also affect the braking and acceleration. When there are more than three lanes at the entrance to a roundabout, use the most appropriate lane on approach and through it. If it is, then you should treat each half of the carriageway as a separate road. Do not cut in on cyclists Rule When turning keep as direcrgov to the left as is safe and practicable give way to any vehicles using a bus lane, cycle lane or tramway from either direction.


The Highway Code, road safety and vehicle rules Driving law The Highway Code Legal obligations of drivers and riders Know your traffic signs Road and driving safety Check your vehicle is safe to drive Speed limits Driving eyesight rules Using a phone or a sat nav when driving The drink drive limit Hihway use and driving Motorcycle helmets: General rules rules to Rule Before moving off you should use all mirrors to check the road is clear look round to check the blind spots the areas you are unable to see in the mirrors signal if necessary before moving out look round for a final check.

It is important that all road users are aware of the Code and are considerate towards each other. You should use Mirrors — Signal — Manoeuvre at all stages highwah as early as possible which exit you need to take give an appropriate signal see Rulebelow.

All vehicles MUST pass round the central markings except large vehicles which are physically incapable of doing so.

This is generally the safer method as you have a clear view of any approaching traffic when completing your turn left side to left side, turning in front of each other. The Highway Code directov essential reading for everyone who uses roads in Northern Coode.

If the amber light appears you may go on only if you have already crossed the stop line or are so close to it that to stop might cause a collision. You MUST stop when the red light shows.

Do not cross or join a road until there is a gap large enough for you to do so safely. All categories Benefits Births, deaths, marriages and care Business and self-employed Childcare and parenting Citizenship and living in the UK Crime, justice and the law Disabled people Driving and transport Education and learning Employing people Environment and countryside Housing and local services Money and tax Passports, travel and living abroad Visas and immigration Working, jobs and pensions.

Would you like to leave feedback about this page? The Highway Code – downloadable version Up Rules for pedestrians 1 to When taking the first exit to the left, unless signs or markings indicate otherwise. Route numbers on a blue background show the direction to a motorway. References to these issues have, however, been included as Northern Ireland residents who plan to visit Great Britain might find them helpful.


When taking an exit to the right directgkv going full circle, unless signs or markings indicate otherwise signal right and approach in the right-hand lane keep dirrectgov the right on the roundabout until you need hgihway change lanes to exit the roundabout signal left after you have passed the exit before the one you want.

Do not hold up a long queue of traffic, especially if you are driving a large or highwxy vehicle. What were you doing? Maybe Yes this page is useful No this page is not dirsctgov Is there anything wrong with this page?

If the amber light is flashing and there are no pedestrians on the crossing, you may proceed with caution. For example approaching or at a road junction on either side of the road where the road narrows when approaching a school crossing patrol between the kerb and a bus or tram when it is at a stop where traffic is queuing at junctions or road works when you would force another road user to swerve or slow down diretgov a level crossing when a road user is indicating right, even if you believe the signal should have been cancelled.

Thank you for your feedback. Motorways, information and direction signs, road markings and parking Clde, signals and road markings used on motorways and the information, parking, road calming and direction signs used on all-purpose roads. White panels indicate highwau or non-primary routes leading from the junction ahead.

Introduction to the Highway Code

These are similar to pelican crossings, but there is no flashing amber phase; the light sequence for traffic at these three crossings is the same as at traffic lights. You should not get too close to the vehicle you intend to overtake use your mirrors, signal when it is safe dirextgov do so, take a quick sideways glance if necessary into the blind spot area and then start to yighway out not assume that you can simply follow a vehicle ahead which is overtaking; there may only be enough room for one vehicle move quickly past the vehicle you are overtaking, once you have started to overtake.

Motorists, including motorcyclists, MUST stop at the first dode line reached if the lights are amber or red and should avoid blocking the way or encroaching on the marked area at other times, e. Get someone to guide you if you cannot see clearly.

Some signal-controlled junctions have advanced stop lines to allow cycles to be positioned ahead of other traffic.