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This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the RP12 from DigiTech. Owner’s Manual. RP Owner’s Manual. DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY Manufacturer’s Name: Manufacturer’s Address: Digitech S. Sandy Parkway . Way over the top pre-programed effects!! Whammy pedal, Wah-wah, zip-zap bang!! Visit the past from the comfort of your home. All parameters.

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How do I recognize that the internal battery gets weak?

Did you find this review helpful? How do I execute a hard reset at my RP10? Buttons in this group are: The Pedalboard functions can be broken down into two sections: Not satisfied with those reviews?

DigiTech – RP12 – Owner’s Manual

Refer all servicing to qualified personnel. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Section 4 – Effects and Parameters In short, the possibility of changing the configuration is standard, but did do a lot of manipulations, must know what you want Got it, continue to print.

Controls the dispersal and density of reverber- ations through the course of digotech early portion of RV RT Using this Program mankal an example for Program modifica- tion, the procedure for changing the Chorus Speed is as follows: Turns the Module on or off. Do not attempt to service the unit yourself. Variable from 0 to Yes, because after installing you have to execute a hard reset.


These presets are taken directly from Digitech’s RP12 effects processor. Broken down into individual categories, specific Modules and their abbreviated library names are as follows: By installing the 2. What was the latest and final firmware version for the RP10?

To see the Parameters, you must turn the Module on. Sets the amount of delay present in the flange effect. Ranges from 25 to milliseconds. digitecu

Warranty DigiTech neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of this product. Will I lose my presets after installing the Legend 2. The default factory setting is: All effects are super prcis and even a little too in some cases but always end up getting the desired sound. In no event shall DigiTech or its dealers be liable for special or con- sequential damages or from any delay in the performance of this warranty due to causes beyond their control.


Determines the amount of detuning applied to the shifted note. There are two audio trig- gering options and one manual triggering option.

The complete procedure for naming and storing a Program is as follows: Controls the overall level of the flange. When Modules are turned off, their Parameters disappear from the Parameter menu.

DIGITECH RP12 Owner’s Manual

I regret not having the means to buy a rack era of GSP because the function does not interest me cest pdalier rather for people who play in groups and move with their Matis. All Off indicates the Cabinet Emulation Parameter is always off. You may have noticed, as you increment and decrement the Step Number, the Program Name and number change with the step num- ber. And last but not least, Harmony is a single voice Intelligent Pitch Shifting effect, giving RP10 owners true 2-voice harmonizing solo lines.

After replacing the lithium battery of my RP10 I get confuse characters on the display.