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The best means for this is Dhyana. Today, men with new fangled ideas argue how Dhyana is to be done and even why it should be done. But they do not know . Dhyana Vahini. Series: Vahini, Book 3 want to lead a God-centric life, careful reading of this Vahini will help them to reach the goal of life. Dhyana Vahini – Kindle edition by SSSST Publications Division, N. Kasturi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Dhyana is the only island of refuge in the ocean of life for all beings tossed on the waves of desire, doubt, dread and despair. So too, the order is ‘Do Namasmarana’!

Dhyana Vahini

Of course, even pure desires are a bond. In the Nama-sadhana, there is not even a trace of such distinction. How to use the body as an implement, as djyana boat for example, to cross the stream of life? It easily merges in the One Atma without a second. It is by means of the riches of the Name that the article, ‘the Rupa of the Lord’ is to be earned.

The mind, by sheer force of these opposing forces, gets lost in false values and is unable to develop on the right lines. With the loins girded, the sleeves of the shirt rolled and the palms rounded into fists, it is not possible to exhibit love or devotion. Without the effacement of the mind, spiritual wisdom cannot dawn. This is even worse.

Smashwords – Dhyana Vahini – a book by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

It is profitless for a true Sadhaka to associate with men who spend their time in worldly affairs. It is good to think of life in this light. With dgyana dawn of adolescence, man enters upon the first hazy uncertain stage and engages in many fruitless activities.

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They will not cause further births. In the case of the Form, there is the chance of dread mixed with respect; and sometimes, even attributes causing fear show themselves.

While it is very difficult to speak untruth and act against Dharma it is very easy to utter the truth and walk in the path of Dharma. The troubles and tribulations that come in the wake of an attempt to destroy the undesirable activities of the mind will disappear through the strict course and rules described already.

Dhyana Vahini – वेद Veda

Passion and Craving are closely interrelated. These can come only through Japam and Dhyanam. Therefore, reflect within yourself which among these two is sweeter. Worry ends in meaningless hurry and waste of time. Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 1. That sapling will, without fail, grow into a tree and it will give you the fruit you hope to eat. This is the highest Moksha. Man is suffering despair and defeat on account of the waywardness and unsteadiness of the Anthah-karana, which itself is the result of his inability to control and guide the bullocks of Buddhi and Manas, unused as they are to Dhyanam and Japam to the extent of even stepping along that path!

If every one treads this holy path, the Lord Himself will bestow on each all that is needed, all that is deserved and all that will give peace of mind. For the cure of illness without resort to drug, Dhyanam is the only remedy.

My present intention is to instruct such people. So do not worry over-much about things of the world. One must put down all desires and become free. Sadhakas all over the world will naturally be engaged in Japam dhyaan Dhyanam; but first one has to be clear about the purpose of Japam and Dhyanam.

The practice of that discipline involves the development of Sathya, Dharma, Santhi and Prema: For the contented mind, life is an endless festival. Unheralded by fire and dust, by swooping gale or swallowing floods, the amoeba, in process of time, by the sheer force bahini the Life principle it embodied, blossomed into goodness and strength of character, into art and music, into song and dance, into scholarship and Sadhana and martyrdom, into sainthood and even Avathars of Godhead!


Such activities deserve to be avoided. It is found that there is a close mutual relationship between the attitudes of the body and the attitudes of the mind. Do not mistake this temporary abode as your eternal dwelling place! At that moment, you would lament, ‘Oh, did I love so deep that I may weep so loud? Many-pointedness is the result of Rajoguna, turning the vision of the opened eye on creation and its sights. Since they evince no interest in earning this qualification, many stalwart Sadhakas have lost their way and not regained it in spite of years of effort!

Fix it there in the beginning and vahihi turn the vision on to the Name and Form you have in mind; that is Dhyanam. The step immediately after Dhyana is Samadhi.

That is the explanation.

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And so, everything which is the product of the mingling of these two has a new value inherent in it. All such desires can be grouped under this head. Overall rating No ratings yet 0. A thorn is removed by another thorn and both are thrown out afterwards, is it not?

The title should be at least 4 characters long. He cannot stand erect; he loses the freedom of movement; he has to creep slowly along the mire of material objects; he has no time or inclination to secure the Lord’s Grace.