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Develop INEO Equivalent Cross-Reference Guide – Free Shipping for Orders Over $ Develop Ineo Photocopier from Photocopiers R Us – Canon Copiers – Canon Photocopiers. DEVELOP INEO – laser MFP – cartridges –

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Detail Specify the desired length of time between 15 and minutes until the machine automatically turns off.

If this occurs, use this function to dry the drum and eliminate the condensation. Paper Feed Unit Pf Copy Zoom Ratios For paper of a non-standard size, refer to “Copying onto label sheets” on page For details on their operation, refer to the pages indicated. Close the right-side door of the machine. Select this setting when copying documents containing both text and photos. Paper of the same size and type is loaded with the w orientation in one paper drawer and with the v orientation in another drawer.

Printing for the interrupting job begins. Copying Onto Envelopes For details, 123 to the user manual for the printer driver. Press the [Density] key, and then select a lighter density setting. If “AUTO” does not appear in the first line, press the [Paper] key, and then select a paper drawer loaded with A3-size paper. A maximum of 10 envelopes can be loaded into the multi bypass tray.


Toner cartridge for Develop Ineo

Multi bypass tray No. Referred to as the “2nd paper drawer”, “3rd paper drawer”, “4th paper drawer” and “5th paper drawer” throughout the manual. Precautions on the erased margin location The location of the erased area in the copy depends on how the document is positioned. Storage Of Copies All misfed paper was not removed from devellp of the machine. Part Names And Their Functions Otherwise, the document feeder is raised. Referred to as the “multi bypass tray” throughout the manual.

Meaning Of Symbols The number of document pages that have been scanned is displayed. Load paper of the specified size into the specified paper drawer.

Recycling of this product will help to conserve natural resources and prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health caused by inappropriate waste handling. Slide the paper guides to fit the size of paper being loaded. Contact your authorized service representative if an extension cord is required. Never use a mild household detergent or glass cleaner to clean the control panel.

Indicates that the manual bypass tray or the multi bypass tray is selected. The product may also be damaged or malfunction. Detail The default settings can be changed from Utility mode. Wait until the machine has finished warming up.


Output side and feed direction Paper is fed through this machine along the right side, positioned with the side to be copied or printed on facing down, then fed out into the output tray at the top of the machine.

The following copy settings can be registered. The hot toner may scatter and cause burns or other damage. Mode B cannot be set.

Referred to as the “desk” throughout the manual. Auto Panel Reset Making Copies Using The “neg.

Develop ineo 213 Manuals

Replace the paper with new paper. Clean the document pad with a soft cloth dampened with a mild detergent. Refer to “Before making copies” on page Open the cover at the indicated location, and then remove the misfed paper. Is the document incorrectly positioned? Securely close the document feeder.

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Detail For details when printing from a computer, refer to the user manual for the printer driver. Ethernet is a registered trademark of Xerox Corporation. Warning And Precaution Symbols