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Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, Dragonlance, the Dragonlancc togo, d the d20 System .. “Now is begun what will be known on Krynn as the Age of Mortals. Age of Mortals: Dragonlance Campaign Setting Companion [Margaret Weis, Jamie Chambers, Christopher Coyle] on *FREE* shipping on. Age of Mortals (), by Margaret Weis, Jamie Chambers, and thanks in large part to the new crunchiness of the D&D 3e system ().

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I graduated high school inso there was no Twit Face or Big Brother to help us keep tabs on each other. Baaz are jortals of the dragon type. Beryl’s death spasms level Qualinost and create Nalis Arenthe lake of death.

Beryl attempts to conquer Thorbardin and the dwarves seal their gates, but some dwarves follow Severus Stonehand in leaving the mountain. Baaz are exceptionally swift, and gain Run as a bonus feat. Mina’s army capture Sanction, and Mina kills Malys with the aid of a Dragonlance and a death dragon.

SourcebooksBook 3 Genre: Articles with topics of unclear notability from September All articles with topics of unclear notability All stub articles. The minotaur emperor Chot Es-Kalin is overthrown, and a new emperor is crowned with backing by the Forerunners.

Gellidus, known to many as Frost, is the last remaining Dragon Overlord motrals the face of Krynn. They gain no additional armor or shield proficiency.

Age of Mortals Era – Dragonlance Nexus

Beryl’s forces apparently destroy the Academy of Sorcery, though Ulin Majere is the true source of the academy’s destruction. A baaz can use its wings to glide as an extraordinary ability, negating any damage from a dagonlance of any height and allowing it to travel horizontally up to four times the vertical distance descended.


Paladine is stripped as well to maintain the balance.

This website is not published, endorsed, or specifically approved by Paizo Publishing. The Knight of the Crown. Because of this and because I wanted to mix things up and keep the game a little bit weirdall three of the player characters technically, these modules are for characters, but with only three players, we had to make due had their races and classes randomly assigned.

Draconians have no language of their own, instead learning the speech of Nerakan priests. A Knight of the Crown applies her Charisma modifier if positive as a morale bonus on all saving throws against fear effects. Goldmoon dies, and Mina places her body within an amber cocoon.

Draconians Draconians, or dragonmen, arrived in Krynn toward the end of the Age of Despair. The magics of sorcery and mysticism begin to fade. Knights of the Crown are often younger than those of the higher orders and, as such, are eager to accept any challenge given to them.

Publication:Age of Mortals – Dungeons and Dragons Wiki

But an unseen evil searches tirelessly, even as the lost knowledge…. People Personalities of Krynn. Upon joining the military, the baaz gain “last names” reflecting their rank and regimental affiliation.

Mina leaves the Citadel of Light. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A baaz character does not get the x4 multiplier for skill points acquired from his first class level.

It is a magical key—so obscure that history does not remember its form or even what it unlocks.

Age of Mortals, the Fifth Age

Baaz possess the marked toughness of their draconic heritage, but are not particularly bright or strong-willed. As a result of this mortaos of NPC detail, my group was surprised to find that random, unimportant NPCs and characters that I ad-libbed or made-up seemed far more interesting and integral to the story than actually-important characters that ended up getting hand-waved into the background.


Baaz Considered weak in both mind and character, baaz draconians are the most numerous of the dragonmen. For example, each chapter that dragomlance place in a new city provides the DM with a short history of the city and its surrounding area.

Minaa red-haired orphan girl, washes up on Schallsea and is raised at the Citadel of Light. This series of modules provides a long, involved story that will keep both the players and the DM guessing about what will happen all the way until the end provided they can remember what happened session to session. As the elves are away, minotaurs attack and seize Silvanesti. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities.

Because of their life-long military training and organization, their speech incorporates military slang and jargon. Views Read Edit View history. Baaz have darkvision foot range agge low-light vision. Loyalty is due to one’s family, all that is good, those oppressed by evil, and those monarchs who by decree and common consent of the Knightly Councils are in good standing with the Knighthood and deserving of its honorable loyalty and protection.

Throughout the first two volumes, the players are essentially yanked around like a dog on a chain without knowing who their enemies are, nor who is pulling the strings. Some baaz leave the structured life of the military for a wandering lifestyle.