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Retrieved 8 March Retrieved 31 May There are plenty of places where religion does not keep off the scientific turf. Retrieved 8 April Smith Breaking the Spell: Retrieved 2 April Dawkins had long wanted to write a book openly criticising religionbut his publisher had advised against it. For the documentary film, see The Root of All Evil? He notes that the former includes quasi-mystical and pantheistic references to God in the work of physicists like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkingand describes such pantheism as “sexed up atheism”.

Gould Beyond Belief Richard Dawkins: The Greatest Show on Earth: Galaxy British Book Awards.

Pour En Finir Avec Dieu by Richard Dawkins | eBay

In The God Delusion he focuses directly on a wider range of arguments used for and against belief in the existence of a god or gods. In an extreme example from modern times, he cites the case of Reverend Paul Hillwho revelled in his self-styled martyrdom: Retrieved 26 November Chapter one, “A deeply religious non-believer”, seeks to clarify the difference between what ;our terms “Einsteinian religion” and “supernatural religion”.

I am looking forward to glory,” he announced as he faced execution for murdering a doctor who performed abortions in Florida, USA.


Dawkins suggests that the theory of memesand human susceptibility to religious memes in particular, can explain how religions might spread like “mind viruses” across societies. Archived from the original on 28 August Retrieved 18 February Dawkins has argued against creationist explanations of life in his previous works on evolution. Retrieved 27 October He anachronistically mistook Thomas’s argument from universal natural teleology for an argument from apparent ‘Intelligent Design’ in nature.

He mistook Finr argument from degrees of transcendental perfection for an argument from degrees of quantitative magnitude, which by definition have no perfect sum.

Pour en finir avec Dieu

He asks, “would you commit murder, rape or robbery if you knew that no God existed? Radio 3, Hong Kong. Wikimedia Commons has media related to The God Delusion. Archived from the original on 17 August Archived from the original on 4 April My Life in Science Science in the Soul: Print Hardcover and Paperbackaudiobooke-book at Google Books. Thus, Dawkins states, morality does not originate from the Bible, rather our moral progress informs what part of the Bible Christians accept and what they now dismiss.

Allen Orr January If convicted, the Turkish publisher and translator, Erol Karaaslan, would have faced a prison sentence of inciting religious hatred and insulting religious values.

The God Delusion – Wikipedia

In Turkeywhere the book had sold at least 6, copies, [78] a prosecutor launched a probe into whether The God Delusion was “an attack on holy values”, following a complaint in November Wikiquote has quotations related to: Retrieved 12 September The God Delusion “. The Finnir Delusion is not funir a defence of atheism, but also goes on the offensive against religion. Archived from the original on 29 November Retrieved 29 December Religious delusion Agent detection Atheism: As a result, he not only mistook the Five Ways for Thomas’s comprehensive statement on why we should believe in God, which they most definitely are not, but ended up completely misrepresenting the logic of every single one of them, and at the most basic levels.


Dawkis thought Thomas’s proof from universal ‘motion’ concerned only physical movement in space, ‘local motion,’ rather than the ontological movement from potency to act.

Atheists Agnostics Humanists Pantheists Deists. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In support of this view, he surveys the history of morality, arguing that there is a moral Zeitgeist that continually evolves dawiins society, generally progressing toward liberalism.

Pour En Finir Avec Dieu

In ruling out the need to confiscate copies of the book, the presiding judge stated that banning it “would fundamentally limit the freedom of thought”. Retrieved 3 April During a debate on Radio 3 Hong KongDavid Nicholls, writer and president of the Atheist Foundation of Australiareiterated Dawkins’ sentiments that religion is an “unnecessary” aspect of global problems.

This is the basic set-up of his argument against the existence of God, the Ultimate Boeing gambit[17] where he argues that the first attempt is self-refuting, and the second approach is the way forward. Archived from the original daekins 23 August The book has been officially translated into many different languages, such as Spanish, German, Italian, and Turkish.

Retrieved 25 December Allen 11 January The Evidence for Evolution.