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Hitler’s War has ratings and 34 reviews. Breathing said: You will not find a more detailed account on Hitler’s decisions towards and during the war. Wojna Hitlera -David Irving. 2 likes. Book. Wojna Hitlera -David Irving. Privacy · Terms. About. Wojna Hitlera -David Irving. Book. 2 people like this topic. Do najbardziej znanych książek Irvinga należą: Wojna Hitlera (Hitler’s War, ; wyd. pol. ); The David Irving jest żonaty, ma pięć córek. Mieszka w.

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The articles include ” Italian Fascism: The first page has a five inch circular piece torn out from the upper right area. It does give a lot more insight into the inner workings of that era and I think in that regard it was well done.

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But adored in his lifetime and right up to the end. David Irving is an outstanding historian and a writer. It certainly does not lionize Hitler or his squabbling associates. His work is still used worldwide at the university level. Western Unity Research Institute. Irving approaches the people involved and the entire story in an objective, dispassionate manner, relying solely on provable facts to tell the story here and there he glosses over things, but they are all things we have read about in other places.

bitlera Beginning in with Hitler’s economic and military rebuilding of Germany following World War I, and concluding in with the events surrounding his alleged Hitler’s War is an insider’s view of the events from the point of view of the man who held Europe in thrall for more than a decade. The cover has some wear along the top and bottom edges. Return to Book Page. It’s a long read New York, NY, U. Lo que nos cuenta. The book has the previous owner’s name in pencil on the first page.


Hitler’s War by David Irving

Mar 18, Olethros rated it liked it. Hitler’s War was engaging, detailed without ever being dull, and absolutely crucial to a comprehensive understanding of the second world war.

Best thing I’ve read on AH so far. Associated Faculty Pr Inc, Apr 18, StandardIssue rated it it was amazing Shelves: Mar 31, Jarmil Dufek rated it really liked it. The book is marvelous, but the story of how this monstrous historical narrative was written is just as exciting Undoubtedly David Irging best book.

The book is fine, not so much different from conventional book on hitler’s war. C P A Book Publisher, View all 4 comments. Perhaps the reason this book was lambasted was because he didn’t take an overtly negative tone – the book is written from a neutral point, not critical, nor prai I had heard much lamentation about David Irving being a Holocaust denier, and about extreme bias in this book, which only made me want to read it more.

An incredibly well researched book.

Hitler’s War by David Irving. Too many troops and too much industrial power were arrayed against them. The front cover has an inch and half crease on the front upper middle and a two inch long crease on the middle upper back.

There are no unreliable sources, like other “history” texts, and it really puts into perspective that Hitler wasn’t an omnipotent evil, as he is portrayed by many modern historians, but a man, doing what he thought was right. Perhaps for his omission of a Jewish extermination order from Hitler – which dojna historians know does not exist or has yet to be found? By Irving, David Roma, Italy: The Nazi ideologies were so widespread that it intimidated half the world about the consequences if it was left unchecked and would come to power.


In he was arrested and jailed for a year in Austria, for lectures he gave in in which he “trivialized the holocaust”. Well documented and footnoted also.

Officials at other camps said they would allow the historian to take his group round but stressed they would “monitor” the visits, and warned they would call the police if he made any comments that broke Polish laws prohibiting the denial of Nazi crime. I would read him again. It is clear that he is obsessively meticulous in his documentation.

This lawsuit re David Irving is a British historian, who is accused of trivializing the holocaust. A photo of the signing will be included with the purchase. Trivia About Hitler’s War. Jul 13, Pieter rated it it was amazing Shelves: For example, the first time you find out about radar is when the allies begin to sink dozens of your U-boats in the Atlantic; Hitler at one point tries to figure out where the Allies are going to land across the English Channel.

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Perhaps Irving irvimg to be condemned for his neutral historian’s voice or his belief that war crimes were committed on all sides of the front? That being said, I also believe that historians should have the opportunity to debate and explore these topics freely, without the risk of being jailed or heavily fined. Jan 29, Harry rated it it was amazing.