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Studio 3 User Guide Wireframes and Wireframing Functions An overview of Studio 3 Introductory Tutorial (Help | Tutorials | Introductory Tutorial) Studio 3 Datamine wireframe data is stored in two related files, a triangle file and a points file. (Datamine) Studio3. In this training, you will find principles and exercises associated with the following sections: 1. Getting Started: In this section you will learn. Page 3 Datamine Studio EM is tailor made to meet the needs of exploration geologists. Leveraging the base tool is available for manual image registration.

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Access File Settings Wireframing to change your selection datamnie. This is found in the same sub-menu and must be active before linking is performed for the associated strings to be used.

Calculating the volume of the excavation is a simple matter of creating another tutoriap object where the pit operations have taken place, and calculating its volume using proprietary Studio 3 processes. There are two options available, each one of which has distinct advantages, and potential downsides: In the event that a field has been specified including by Select by Surface, etc.


Show Wireframe Slice Selecting this option displays a temporary line in the Design window that represents the intersection of wireframe data and viewplane. If this option is refused, no objects result from this operation. As with other Boolean functions, two wireframes must exist in memory.

If a string represents a two-dimensional outline then only the X and Y coordinates can be used. If string shapes are not similar then the other criteria equi-angular shape, minimum surface area work more effectively.


Studio 3 User Guide | Modelamiento Simmodmet –

Please note that the Visualizer window does not support independent wireframe object display formatting. A combination of internal and external boundaries may be used at one time subject to the following rules: If the order of objects is reversed, it is object 2 that is carved, resulting in the smaller difference object.

Download the free trial version below to get started. Holes missing triangles in a solid wireframe will generate a warning, and so will duplicate triangles. Extract Separate Wireframes Boolean Operations Extract Separate In short, this command creates multiple separate wireframes, points or strings for each logically discrete piece of a two-wireframe interaction. General Procedure for Boolean Operations The general procedure for performing a Boolean operation is as follows: This parameter records a uttorial index for each group.

Tutofial middle image shows a wireline view of the two objects — note how the red sub-object intersects the full depth of the outer grey sub-object. If the shape of the strings is dissimilar, then to get best results tutofial strings should be used to link together catamine string sections that are similar.

To demonstrate an example graphically, the following image represents an initial surface topography file: A section longitudinally through the two objects in situ has been displayed picture 2. This subject is covered in detail in other areas for example, the Studio online Help file has a series of topics on data display but as a quick overview; each of the graphic windows in Studio 3 supports a combination of sheets, projections and overlays.

The output model file will be an exact copy of the input file, with the MINED field added if it did not already exist in the input file. Calculate Center studii Triangle Runs the Studio 3 process COGTRI calculate-centre-and-orientation-of-wireframe This process calculates the centre point and the dip and dip direction of each triangle in a wireframe.


Think of an overlay as an acetate overlay, applied over data objects to change the way they appear although, in reality, an overlay does a lot more than this. However, the right-hand rule still applies. Progress bars are displayed for each individual object created so you will be able to see which particular stage the command has reached.

This process performs all the functions of the TRIANR process with advantages of greatly improved speed performance and several additional features. Datamine wireframe data is stored in two related files, a triangle file and a points file. In the image shown on the left, the resulting wireframe view is taken from the Visualizer window, although the same effect could be emulated in the Design window by enabling 3D Rendering in the Format Display dialog — see your online Help for more details.

This enables vertical DTMs to be created, for example. As well as defining the DTM limits, you can also specify the resolution of the triangles to be used when creating the final mesh, by defining both minimum and maximum triangle properties. Set the relevant properties. In this case, naturally, if the current proportion mined is less than the previous, there will be no evaluated volume in the results file for the cell.

The Project Settings dialog Wireframing tab is key when defining how wireframe data is selected.