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Darkover Landfall (Darkover) [Marion Zimmer Bradley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Darkover Landfall () is a somewhat routine adventure (with a good dose of social commentary) which, according to internal chronology. When a Terran ship crashed on Darkover, many of the colonists and crew wished to stay and build an Earthlike society on the alien planet. They might be the.

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This was hard going. MZB is a well known feminist, she almost defined the field with her writings.

That would imply that some massive ark was pre-planned… Which I highly doubt. Feb 19, Cera rated it liked it.

MZB isn’t particularly good at intrigue alndfall politics or Twitter Facebook Reddit Email Google. The surviving crew have to let go of their Earth customs to adapt to a strange new world, peopled by god-like aliens and a strange wind of madness that turns everyone into rabid lust or murder But there’s no real driving conflict, and the main characters barely have arcs. However, this new life will be a much more primitive one due to the lack of natural resources.

This sarkover further compounded by a periodic flare-up of a mind-altering pollen cloud that causes everyone to have massive orgies. Darkover Landfall was a highly enjoyable read and a good starting point for getting a feel of the series.

Book Review: Darkover Landfall, Marion Zimmer Bradley (1972)

I’d hoped that by going back to the spaceship part of the Darkover saga, I’d get something with men and women on equal footing – you know, sort of like the same era in Pern? Even back in the 20th century, they did experiments on rats and ghetto populations and things, and found that one of the first results of crucial social overcrowding was the failure of maternal behavior.


There is a lot ,andfall I do like about the book.

None of the colonists get that choice. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. It must be contained somehow, let’s hope securely.

Darkover Landfall (Darkover, book 1) by Marion Zimmer Bradley

The idea that human imagination is not sufficient to explain why we’ve made it this far is one of the more bizarre products of that same imagination. I get that this was published inwhen MZB had no idea what gender equality would look like in a more ideal form, but Relecture de mon adolescence. International orders may require additional postage. Nov 05, Rebecca rated it did not like it Shelves: Interior tight and clean.

Bradley kandfall often credited with successfully blending the elements of science fiction and fantasy, and she does so brilliantly in this book. They make what was otherwise a great story painful. I read darlover book a few times during my Darkover period,otherwise known landfal the ‘s. Very few people even believe such things about religious dogma as is pointed out in the book.

Darkover Landfall · Marion Zimmer Bradley · Könyv · Moly

pandfall For example, I Am darklver Lesbian was published in He even had the nerve to feel darkovver and offended when the lead female appeared to not share his feelings as he wanted her to. It’s highly unlikely that the Terrans could have made it to the stars without modifying the technology, and the attitude toward technology, that Bradley saw around her during the writing of most of the Darkover books.

When they were tinkering with genotypes during the Ages of Chaos, did the Darkovans breed horses because they felt a need for such? Man is a rationalizing animal, so sociologists called it “Women’s Liberation” and things like that, but what it amounted to was a pathological reaction to overpopulation and overcrowding.

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However, was it really necessary to lay it in such rude and demeaning ways? Interiors are tightly bound and unmarked. Overall I quite enjoyed this one, although I never did warm to the character of Camilla – Part of me hated the fact that she had absolutely no choice but to breed but at the same time I disliked her stubbor A colonisation space-ship bound for a terraformed planet crash landfal on an unknown M class planet.

What’s more, Darkover’s “powers” seem to gradually set free psychic abilities in its new inhabitants and a strange “Ghostwind” causes barriers between the individuals to temporarily break down, thereby leading to mass orgies with at times grave consequences. But then a man explains to th Two thirds into this book and I’m setting it down for good. The minimal input from the Chieri isn’t likely to add that much variation.

Now, the conflict makes sense. I’d have run away to live with the chieri at that point. A spotless, seemingly unread copy.

It’s got aliens, orgies, Celts, and space opera qualities – all of the bullet points I enjoyed. The assertion that all sane women would want four children each, except in an overcrowded world begs the question: