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Start studying DA PAM – ACE Program. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. provide extensive information about DA PAM ( ). Department of the Army Pamphlet –24 Personnel-General Health Promotion, Risk Reduction, and Suicide Prevention Headquarters.

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The review should takeplace after related law enforcement investigations, autopsies, and court trials have ended.

Military OneSource connects users around the world to Service-specific support througha central portal available 24 hours a day.

Prevention is dependent upon caring and proactive unitleaders and managers who make the effort to know their personnel, including estimating their ability to handle stress,and who offer a positive, cohesive environment which nurtures, and develops positive life-coping skills. Jumping, drowning, vehicular death, fire, other method.

The user does not have to read a related reference tounderstand this publication. Lethality is the probability that the suicidal behaviorwould result in death. Subjects for investigation include all ActiveArmy Soldiers and any active member of other Armed Forces of the United States assigned or attached to an Armyunit or installation.

Duty performance, if any.

DA Pam 600-24

Among available services are consultations on child care and relocation, translation services inmore than languages, up to 12 professional counseling sessions, educational materials, and Web-based interactivemedia. Keeping personal problems or behavioral health issues a secret can result in the development of depression andanxiety, compounded stressors, degraded ability to think clearly, difficulty making decisions, thoughts of suicide,suicidal attempts, and completed suicides.

Secondary gatekeepers are personnel who, by the nature of their job, may come incontact with a pxm at risk. Individuals struggling with thoughts of ppam maybe identified. The behavioral analysis review should also address the issue of the lethality of the suicidal behavior.


Commanders play anintegral part during this phase, as it is their responsibility to ensure access to appropriate health care and ensure thesafety of assigned personnel. It is important to establish a culture that reinforces and normalizes help-seeking behavior as anappropriate and generally accepted part of being responsible.

Media items may be published prior to periods or events that are likely to produce a higher than normal incident ofsuicide for example, the summer moving months of July and August have a higher incidence of suicide.

During hurricanes, floods, and other declared emergencies, services are expanded to become a24 hour a day, 7 day a week resource. Create your own flipbook.

Role of intent a. The Case Review Committee, through Social Work Services, assesses reports of spouse and child abuse, recommendstreatment plans, and ensures that each case receives a determination of substantiated or unsubstantiated. Information and services that are available to all Army components include referral to counseling services,childcare pak, financial assistance, and referral to TRICARE services.

Ask, Care, Escort suicide prevention trainingACE is the Army-approved model for suicide prevention and awareness training and provides an easy to rememberacronym that any Soldier, leader, Army Civilian, or Family member can use. Individuals can include leaders, Family members, buddies, close friends,and coworkers.

For Soldiers with legal assistance attorneys and victim witness liaisons and pending UniformCode of Dq Justice UCMJ or adverse administrative action, the servicing behavioral health provider may beappointed by the convening authority to the defense team as a consulting behavioral health expert upon request of thedefense in accordance with Rules for Court Martial d. The Command Psychiatrist or Senior Behavioral Health Officer— 1 Serves as the alternate coordinator in crisis situations in the absence of the Command Surgeon, and as theprincipal point of contact with medical treatment facilities as a member of the SRT.


Oam SPTFs should develop a well thought out and deliberate strategic communications plan to communicateimportant suicide prevention messages and provide listings of available services and how to access them.

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Family of origin history. 60-24 behavioral analysis review is conducted by a forensically-trained psychiatrist or psychologist and provided tothe commander of the local USACIDC activity for inclusion in the report of investigation of the death. Ensuring client confidentiality for at-riskSoldiers with legal problems is critical for their access to behavioral 600-42 assistance and suicide prevention. These command climate surveys help commanders determine the actual occurrences of high-risk behaviors,not just reported incidences, because the surveys are done anonymously.

It is also guided by principles andpriorities. LeadershipThe success of a health promotion, risk reduction, and suicide prevention program depends on the concentrated focusof leadership on activities that encompass the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and family dimensions in theirrespective communities.

List of resources a. Subject 600–24 experts in various disciplines and organizations providesuicide prevention support. Prevention refers toall efforts that build resilience, reduce stigma, and build awareness of suicide and related behaviors.