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call and is available as the Variable. type for variables containing Oracle objects. The object type may be called directly and serves as an alternative way of. Any outstanding changes will be rolled back when the connection object is. If None or the same string object is passed in again, the cursor will execute that.

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Added missing commit statements in the test setup scripts. This read-write attribute specifies a method to call for each row that is retrieved from the database. Note If you connect to Oracle Database 18 or higher with client libraries This behaviour may be suitable for caching applications. The exit point for the connection documentxtion a context manager. This read-only attribute returns the IANA character set name of the character set in use by the Oracle cx_pracle for regular strings.

This documentatioon attribute specifies what types of messages should be dequeued. Binding a value that is incompatible to the previous value that was bound data types do not match or array size is larger will now result in a new bind taking place.

Parameters may be passed as a dictionary or sequence or as keyword parameters.

They are possible values for the Message. Add support for externally identified users; to use this feature leave the username documentatoon password fields empty when connecting. A brief example is:.

Python cx_Oracle 7 Introduces SODA Document Storage

Dropped deprecated attribute numbersAsString from cursor objects. The value is either an integer specifying the number of elements to allocate or it is a list and the number of elements allocated is drawn from the size of the list.


Use the previously created bind variable as a template if available when creating a new variable of a larger size. Construct an object holding a date value from the given ticks value number of seconds since the epoch; see the documentation of the standard Python time module for details.

Welcome to cx_Oracle’s documentation! — cx_Oracle documentation

Added comments indicating that an Oracle client is required since so many people find this surprising. This read-only attribute specifies the number of rows that have currently been fetched from the cursor for select statements or that have been affected by the operation for insert, update and delete statements.

This constant is used to specify that dequeue should retrieve the next available message that matches the search criteria. Note The time only data type is not supported by Oracle. Add support for reading CLOB values using multibyte or variable length character sets. This attribute is an offset from the delay attribute. The default value is zero.

Dochmentation If you intend to call Cursor.

Make consistent the calls to manipulate memory; otherwise segfaults can occur when the pymalloc option is used, as reported by Matt Hoskins. This read-only attribute is a sequence of 7-item sequences. Fixed typo in error message. Added error message indicating that setting cx_otacle of the parameters arraydmlrowcounts and batcherrors to True in Cursor.


Make the search for the lib32 cx_oracls lib64 directories automatic for all platforms. This read-only attribute returns the logical transaction id for the connection. They will be closed automatically by the parent cursor when it is closed. They are possible values for the deliverymode attribute of the dequeue options object passed as the options parameter to the Connection.

By default, cursors are not scrollable, as the server resources and response times are greater than nonscrollable cursors. Construct an object holding a time value from the given ticks value number of seconds since the epoch; see the documentation of the standard Python time module for details. Thanks to Filip Ballegeer and a number of his co-workers, an intermittent crash was tracked down; specifically, if a connection is closed, then the call to OCIStmtRelease will free memory twice.

This attribute specifies the number of seconds to delay an enqueued message. The encoding parameter is expected to be a string if specified and sets the encoding to use for regular database strings.

Advanced Queuing — cx_Oracle documentation

By default no false positive notifications will be generated. New in version 6. Documentagion checks on passing invalid type parameters to methods Cursor. Updated tutorial to import common connection information from files in order to make setup a bit more generic. Thanks for Shai Berger for the initial patch.