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CS INTERNET PROGRAMMING Lecture Notes.» CS INTERNET PROGRAMMING Lecture Notes. Lecture notes Provided by. Einstein college of. CS INTERNET COMPUTING UNIT – I. FUNDAMENTALS. PART A. 1. What is the difference between node and host? A node is any addressable device. Anna University Chennai B.E Computer Science CS – INTERNET PROGRAMMING Question paper.

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Closing the connection Based on this information, the script decides how to act. For example, online music stores sometime have audio samplings of the CDs they sell What are the necessities of using HTML forms? What are the sequences of steps for each HTTP request from a client to the server? Why are the protocols layered? Style information includes font attributes such as type size, special effects bold,italic,underlinecolor and alignment.

Remote reference layer 3.

Four different classes in the java. It identifies an object on the Internet.

CS INTERNET PROGRAMMING Nov/Dec Question Paper (Scan Version)

One way to translate progra,ming hostname to an IP address is to look it up in a simple text file. It is the process of converting a set of object instances that contain references to each other into a linear stream of bytes, which can then be through a socket.

What is meant by loop back address? Write a note on ActiveX controls. DatagramSocket represents a connectionless datagram socket. Connection less protocol Datagram service No guarantee of delivery. After the variables are separated, they are decoded as follows. When it is found the string is broken from that point.


For structuring information exchange 3. These programs can be Java applets, Java scripts, or ActiveX controls. Write a note on Connect Exception. Write lrogramming note on ActiveX controls. To manage the flow of millions of pages. Content handlers are used to retrieve objects via an URLConnection object.

Protocol tunneling is the process of encapsulating one protocol within another protocol that operates on the same layer. This exception is raised when a connection is refused at the remote host. To use these special characters as content within your document, you must use the corresponding general XML entity. What are the style precedence rules when using multiple approaches?

Router operates like electronic postal workers that evaluate and forward packets between networks. This is known as Stateless Connection.

Unmarshaling arguments from the marshal stream. What are the issues of next generation IP? Cascading refers to a certain set of rules that browsers use, in cascading order, to determine how to use the style information.

CS1401 Internet Programming Syllabus

Define response object and list its methods. How the receiving device will indicate that it has received a message There are a variety of standard protocols from which programmers can choose. A cs1401-intfrnet is basically a conversation between a browser and a server. Capability to process forms and prepares output based on form input.

Design a feedback form. How do search engine work? Support large Global networks 3. It is used for transmitting a message to single destination node Multicast address: This document progamming preceded by the response header, which has details about how to display the document that will be sent by the server.


The response object transmits information from the web server to browser. It is the important approach to software discovery and it is decentralized, loosely coupled.

The session is important, as H1TP is a stateless protocol. Each script gets its own unique set of variables and multiple scripts can be executed at once, each in its own environment.

A proxy server is a host that makes Internet request on behalf of other machines on the network, Proxy servers are often used to cache frequently requested files or to monitor Internet use cs1401-interndt a Corporation.

For modeling inter-document linkages 4.

Receive data from the group 4. Each has particular advantages and disadvantages; for example, some are simpler than others, some are more reliable, and some are faster. Each process already inherits these two handles already open. A program designed to be executed from within another application. The program could be written in. CGI programs are relatively safe to run.