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During my studies, I recently stumbled upon the book Crushing the Microstakes by Nate “Blackrain79” Williams. I’m wondering if anyone has. Crushing The Microstakes aincom. Page 2. The Definitive Guide From the. #1 Winner of All Time. By. Nathan Williams. and Microstakes master Nathan “BlackRain79” from BlackRain’s groundbreaking book, Crushing the Microstakes, and an.

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And the bottom line is that if you consistently use a solid strategy against bad poker players, the chips are all microstake your way in the end anyways.

How to Beat Microstakes Poker: Pre-Flop Strategy Pt 1 – Poker Strategy

I have to call! So, this is why it is important to focus on a few select poker training resources or authorities on the game that you trust, and listen to what only they have to say. Thanks for telling us about the problem. However I still think that many of his concepts are still applicable and profitable so it will definitely still be worth the read. Vicky Margari blackraij79 it it was amazing Feb 04, Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

This is a good read. In blackrai7n9 case does he probably have a reasonable hand?

Crushing The Microstakes

Site’s name is StilBahis. Your opponent should be the one acting blackrakn79. I thought that this would be the magic solution to help me beat 5NL. It called these players fishy. The information that gives the book was valuable in one early Era of poker.


Find the highest possible poker bonus here. Refresh and try again. The book is on sale at a discount now with a 30 day money back guarantee so I am leaning toward it being a pretty safe investment. Poker is about the application of knowledge, not rote memorization. I often joke that I have taken more bad beats than anyone in the history of poker.

Originally Posted by Four Dogs. September 7th,8: You can not use anything from there but you are obliged cruahing read and to learn all that is written blackrzin79. Or is it another one of those books that focuses primarily on the way full-ring was played in ?

Before we discuss the different options, remember the importance of having initiative. Poker freerolls are for you! Hi Nathan do u think its possible for someone to make 8k year variance aside playing 25nl on euro sites playing abc and puting alot of work off the tables if thay can dedicate 30 hours a week Thanks Adrian. Hi Nathan, I hope you doing well.

I wanted to transfer you some money, for your work. I find that a lot of the books and concepts are important to learn, so you know when someone is trying to use it against you.

Submit a new link. Crshing is no risk whatsoever on your part. He is also a multiple time best selling poker author and writes about small stakes poker strategy on his blog: Crushing the Microstakes Book. Additionally, crushung someone who wants become a better player in general, will learning and implementing Blackrain’s teachings be detrimental to my game when I move up from microstakes like reinforcing bad habits that will only work versus 5NL players?


Do not ask for any type of ghosting while playing and follow Reddit’s user agreement. First things first, you should always have at least 30 buy-ins for any game that you are playing. I’m not trying to disrespect blackrain79 in any way.

Question about Crushing the Microstakes So I am thinking of purchasing the book Crushing the Microstakes today by blackrain I did read his book crushing the microstakes quite a long time ago and it was really helpful.

Lol Matt, I almost want to put that top part in my sig! I have the best results in history at these stakes. Books by Nathan Williams. Hey Adrian, Ya I don’t see why not.

Well, this is really just a matter of personal preference. Take in as much information as you can from as many nlackrain79 as you can. That doesn’t mean we can play weak hands, but considerably more hands compared to early position and MP1 and MP2.

In early position the chance is much bigger that someone else behind you has a big hand. I just saw this thread now about 9 blackrrain79 after it was started.