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Gennifer Albin’s Crewel World romantic fantasy series envisions a future where women are recruited–and expected to give up their freedom–to use their magical . : Crewel: A Novel (Crewel World) (): Gennifer Albin: Books. Editorial Reviews. Review. “The halls of Coventry are dark and twisted places readers will want Crewel: A Novel (Crewel World Book 1) – Kindle edition by Gennifer Albin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

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Crewel: Chapters 1-5

We are introduced to whole batches of women, who are immediately dismissed by the character and text as meaningless and valueless. She lives in Lenexa, Kansas, with her husband and two crrwel. Lana and Nicole June Besties 24 24 Jun 24, How amazing is that?

Because that totally makes sense. You can read this review and more on my blog, Ivy Book Bindings. Maele takes her scalpel and tears into the weave out of anger.

On the day of testing, however, Adelice fails to fail and when The Guild, the totalitarian government which controls every aspect of their lives, comes to take her away, her parents vrewel her to run away.

In twenty percent there has been no world building. The places where she does step up feel manufactured and contrasting to the times where she recedes back into a love sick Mary Sue.

Cailyn M Not really love This book sounds amazeballs! I thought how the hell can a story revolve around that? Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Unfortunately, however, I found it a bit mediocre and disappointing. After a futile attempt at escape, Adelice is transported to the Western Coventry, unsure of the fate of her mother and sister. View all 19 comments. And and and -WOohw. So to close up this “review” I’ll say there were some awesome, mind-blowing ideas that had huge potential but were pitifully wasted in this I didn’t gennifeer our villains, uber-sexist Cormac and stereotypical mean girls Maela and It was futuristic but then there are the Spinsters who weave life, which kind of suggests an old genifer of myth, back gsnnifer the time of Oracles or something.


It’s the dream of every young girl to become a Spinster since it is the only way to have any semblance of freedom and privilege. The ending was so good too I have no criticism against this book, instead I can’t wait for the next instalment in this captivating new series. I could actually envision Arras in my mind quite clearly. Experiencing the “firsts” with Adelice is exhilarating, filling me with hope and lust and butterflies.

Crewel (novel) – Wikipedia

People who want to be bored shitless. Nonetheless, I, for one, enjoyed her flawed characterization. No, a dystopian work, even a YA dystopic romance – as common of an occurrence as it’s come to be in the genre now – should be able to stand on its own two feet without so much comparison.

Someone can decide if the walls are purple, green, have illusion of clouds, stars, etc. It means privilege, eternal beauty, and being something other than a secretary.

With such crweel massive amount of Young Adult dystopians on the market we all know why By Invitation Only coming May 31! Great ideas, but not woven with enough care or consideration for me to continue the series, though I think others who are more forgiving of the novel’s familiar elements in conjunction with its unique offerings could find enjoyment within it.


I thought it’d be this really exciting book and I was looking forward to finding out. This world was built so well, drawing me in and keeping me interested.

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There are parts that really work, and the book is bursting with ideas and often intricate explanations of how this world functions, but it takes far too long to really get going.

She had some moments when all she wanted was to be herself and not act like geninfer puppy as every one expects her to. I’d still recommend you this book, though, because maybe it’s just a matter of taste.

While it’s not a perfect novel, it was just what I needed to rid me of my crappy book streak, and I loved it. You can see that geennifer something amazing inside but you cannot fully know what it is.

It is so manufactured and senseless that it made the novel ridiculous.

In any case, Adelice has been told that the extent of her special abilities have to be hidden – she has the ability to weave time in threads, which is a really neat ability. Farrar, Straus and Giroux.

They also seem surprisingly lacking in motivation.

Crewel World Series in Order – Gennifer Albin – FictionDB

I thought the world building and setting of Arras was fantastically described!! The concept of Crewel is pretty difficult to explain. Wow, what an extraordinary read! Crewel is one of those novels that had so much potential, but just fell flat. Clearly he’s got the wrong idea.