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To use the current capacity chart Figure 7. If the highest frequency of the application is 2 226, either connector can be used. The bayonet latching offers easier connection and disconnection. Hook up Red Color-Coded wire to negative terminal of instrument. Cables are subjected to five, 15 second duration applications of a specified flame. Watts Watts Foot-Pounds per minute 9. Dry nitrogen is available from welding gas suppliers.

Conductors can also be wrapped with tape of Teflon TFE. Time Domain Reflectometers TDRs are devices used to locate faults, determine length, and measure attenuation of the cable.

The dielectric separating the two conductors determines the velocity of propagation. Continental Europe The armor may be applied directly over the insulation or over an inner clvenin. Record the leakage current at one minute intervals for the duration of the test. Larger diameter cables or those requiring on-the-reel tests may necessitate a longer lead.


Mating different plastics could lead to intermolecular migration, which means material from one tip will, over time, embed itself in the opposing tip and vice versa. CATV — Community antenna television. United Kingdom The test covenim is detailed in Underwriters Laboratories Standardbut a general overview of the test is as follows. This test simulates a fire in a nonflame stopped riser coevnin a high-rise building. This characterizes the installed system with regard to near-end crosstalk, attenuation and impedance.


Large Pair Count Cables In cables having more than 25 pairs, the pairs are arranged in groups, each containing a maximum of 25 pairs and wrapped with distinctively colored binder threads to permit distinction between groups. Rubber insulated, neoprene, Hypalon or CPE jacketed portable power cable with two to five covdnin AWG or larger conductors with ground wires.

This cable has two outer conductors shields separated by a dielectric layer. The lower the AWG number the larger the wire diameter. Low voltage IR tests are particularly useful in detecting shorts and indicating grossly deteriorated insulation on volt rated cables. If more than one cable is involved the ends should be bound together with electrical tape before applying the grip 2226.

Consequently, the quality of the dielectric is important covennin efficient, speedy transfer of energy. Loose buffer is used in outdoor applications and can accommodate the changes in external conditions i. For over three decades, Anixter has been a major supplier of power, control, and instrumentation cable of business and industry. It will burn slowly as long as an outside source of flame is applied but is self-extinguishing as soon as the flame is removed.

G Conductor constructions having a range of areas from 5, circular mils and employing 61 stranded members of 19 wires each down to No.


For the cable to pass the test, the resulting char distance must not be greater than 1. A hardware store humidity gauge may also be used. The chamber for the test is a 3 story block construction design. Thermoset portable cords have excellent cold bend characteristics and are extremely durable. A light pulse is sent down the fiber and as it encounters a fault, connector, splice, etc.


Therefore, for applications within watertight compartments and noncritical areas a new family of nonwatertight lower cost cables was designed. The term is loosely used to also include coupling at higher frequencies. Do not confuse a flexible cable having a multilayer outer shield with triaxial cable. ST and SC connectors are the most common types.

P 16, 18, 20 0. This will assure that the material on the reel will not unwind or slip during shipping and handling operations. To achieve high signal bandwidth capabilities, the core region sometimes has a varying or graded refractive index. A circular mil is a unit of area equal to the area of a circle one mil in diameter. Materials and construction generally comply with the requirements of IEEE Standard 45 and various military specifications.

Humidity, condensation or actual precipitation on the surface of a cable termination can increase the leakage current by several orders of magnitude. Allow sufficient time at each step for the leakage current to stabilize.