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The exterior of the ejected object should not undergo aggression during ejection. Country of ref document: Figure 14A represents a contrario what would happen in the absence of such a flexible washer. Voila, le tour de la question est fait. DE Date of ref document: Je viens de survoler l’article sur Usain Boltet quelque chose m’intrigue. Preferably these tabs have trapezoidal sections with sides which are coplanar with the sides of the other tongues, respectively, as is represented by the triangle without top shown in phantom.

Mechanism for temporarily attaching an object A, A’ to a support B, B’separating and ejecting said object, comprising a receptacle 11 adapted to be fixed to the support and an ejector rod 2, 2′, 12 mounted in said receptacle to slide in a predetermined direction X-Xsaid ejector rod comprising a rear portion acted on by the pressure in a pressure chamber of the receptacle adapted to be placed in communication baryfentre a pressure source and a front end 33 bearing in the predetermined direction against a bearing surface 5A, 5’A, 14A, 52 provided on the object, characterised in that: Un terminal cent en meurt.

Download Cours de Maths T S on PC & Mac with AppKiwi APK Downloader

The invention aims to overcome the aforementioned drawbacks, to obtain a simple and reliable mechanism for locking the triple function of instantaneous release and ejection with a controlled speed, minimizing the influence of unavoidable uncertainty in the manufacturing and assembly parts of the mechanism and the object relative to the mechanism and the support, these functions being controlled by a power source of any appropriate known type external to the mechanism provided by the invention adapted to provide a precise amount of pressure energy.

Technological solutions to minimize the offset to lead to satisfactory test results. Les grenouilles ont des p’tits points d’or Dans les yeux, tu l’savais? The object is then simply screwed on this subset to the abutment located at the thread root without prestressing.


In Figure 2 against by the sleeve 3 ‘enters a greater distance, denoted by 1, the housing 4, about half of the depth L. Thus, the resistant sections of the tongues being offset between Figures 9 and 10, there is obtained a connecting device whose flexibility can courz guaranteed approximately constant in all directions.

The latter has a smaller number of hops between the base and the terminal lug 33 ‘.

Cours de Maths T S on PC/Mac

The object then emerges from its interface and is found in ballistic phase. In the particularly important case of pyrotechnic energy, advantage is taken of pneumatic products effects by combustion of an explosive substance. Mechanism according to any one of claims 2 to 4 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have dimensions such that they have the same behaviour in bending for equal transverse displacements of the free end of the ejector rod in perpendicular radial directions.

The quality of the end-stop is, too, a very important element of the accuracy of the subsequent movement of the object. ES Kind code of ref document: Mechanism according to claim 7 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have the same radial dimension and the tangs 41, 42 of one pair have a smaller radial dimension than the tangs 43, 44 of the other pair.

Year of fee payment: The implementation of the mechanism of the invention can be described as follows: For example, in the case of the device provided by the document FR-A2. The ejection mechanism does not cause the object ejecting parasite or seizing friction. More specifically, the invention proposes a temporary securing mechanism of an object to a support, separation and ejection of the object, comprising a receptacle for attachment to the support and an ejector pin slidably mounted in this receptacle in a predetermined direction, said ejector rod having a pressure-subjected rear portion prevailing in a pressure chamber of the receptacle to be placed in communication with a pressure source, and a support forward end in the predetermined direction against a bearing surface formed on the object, characterized in that: In the example of Figure 8, the rear end centering of the object is provided by the intermediate ring.

Mechanism according to any one of claims 1 to 10 characterised in that baryecntre further comprises a spring member 22, 22′ compressed axially between a flange 21 on the interior of the receptacle and a bearing surface at the base of the ejector rod to stress the fragile coupling in tension.


Figures 16 and 17 show theoretically possible modeling of the behavior of the object during ejection.

M 2éme année Archives – Web Education

L’alcool est tout simplement naturel: Indeed, as we have seen, the various disturbances inherent to all ejection mechanisms give rise to transverse speeds by a lever arm effect if their application point is remote from the center of gravity. A flexible temporary mechanical fixing by bending and breaking Calibrated in tension, and a process for its production.

It goes without saying that the above description has terminalf given by way of example and that numerous variants may be proposed by the man of the art without departing from the claims. As we have seen in barycentde preceding paragraphs, the act of pushing the center of gravity overcomes the consequences of terminaale default of perpendicularity between the axis of ejection and the stop limit switch. The implementation of ejection is controlled, for example, by the firing of an igniter.

At its upper part, the sleeve 24 ends with a narrowed portion 24A is completed by an external thread 30 designed to cooperate with an internal thread 31 provided at the base of the housing In addition, during the ejection phase, the ejected object must not vibrate in bending.

However, most preferably, to ensure that the rupture of the frangible connection not induce any tetminale time on the object, is chosen to give one of the pairs of tongues, for example the tongues 41 and 42 the most near the threaded portion, a radial dimension is smaller than for the tongues of the other pair y ‘: This simplified version, instead of replacing the area 32, may be incorporated between the latter and the end portion 30 variant x showngiving the tabs 41 to 44 identical mechanical characteristics in bending and in tension of: This mechanism 10 ‘differs from the mechanism 10 in that the resilient member 22’ interposed axially between an annular bearing surface cpurs ‘of the liner 24’ and the base terimnale the stem 12 ‘is constituted by a Belleville washer.