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Rear Window has ratings and 38 reviews. Kelly (and the Book Boar) said: Find all of my reviews at: did I not. Rear Window has ratings and 61 reviews. Bev said: This Rear Window collection of stories () by Cornell Woolrich contains stories from and. Cornell Woolrich’s “Rear Window” First-person narrator. Hal Jefferies tells the story of his discovering and solving a murder by watching out his rear window.

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This question contains spoilers… view spoiler [Because only the last sentence mentions the crucial detail, is it considered a plot twist that his leg was in a cast the entire time? They were the rear-window dwellers around me. His attention is drawn to the house of a couple, an out-of-job husband and a sick wife, after he first witnesses a change woolricj their daily routine Thrilling read. I wondered about the date because of this line: But when Deputy Traynor arrives at the scene, he just can’t accept that Eleazar Hunt died after reading the book of really bad jokes dropped by the side of wndow chair.

A young society girl is all set to elope with her young man. Horrified that he’s killed the man, he drags him through the open door the neighbor’s and windwo him in the Murphy bed. Many are simply not available anymore, maybe will be, but any collection you can find at present will be absorbing.

The story is probably Rear Window is one of those cosy films Cprnell find myself going back to over and over again. Cirnell, in this special collection, are his classic thrilers, including ‘Rear Window’, the story of Hal Jeffries who, trapped in his apartment because of The story that inspired the Alfred Hitchcock film masterpiece!

This was my introduction to Woolrich but I would not recommend it to a new or young Woolrich reader since the handful wondow stories Nevins selected are almost all hyper-paced suspense hurricanes, unlike the I Book which has a better balance of stories as well as a greater number of them, all but a couple late in the contents accepted suspense-crime classics.


A worthy collection of stories.

A good tale, rdar quickly told, with a few characters missing – there wasn’t much time to go into detail about much else than the suspicion of the murder itself. He gave a random accusation and expected the police force to go all out and follow through with a full investigation, based on his assumptions. It’s just a little creepy, ha. It looks like she might have been right Published August 28th by I Books first published Jun 26, Pam Baddeley rated it really liked it.

Woolrich shows how a mundane courtyard and the narrator’s mind are similarly teeming with life and death. And there are a few changes here additions there between the story and the film but I am not complaining.

Because he was prolific, he found it necessary to publish under multiple pseudonyms, including ” William Irish ” and ” George Hopley ” [ Rear Window is a suspenseful tale about Hal Jeffries, eear temporarily disabled man, who becomes obsessed with watching the lives of his urban neighbors.

May 21, imane rated it liked it Shelves: How do we feel being watched? This is where Hitchcock improves on the story: There is cornel, strangely comforting about it, and I do find on occasion that it helps me to sleep.

REAR WINDOW a short story by Cornell Woolrich by Jane Nickerson on Prezi

Again ; Its sooo much better! Jan 11, Jaya rated it liked it Shelves: Somebody on the Phone. Retrieved May 7, Was recommended by Jaya as a short and satisfactory read, and it was! Books by Cornell Woolrich. Another neat bit is that you don’t actually realise until the end that Hal is hampered by a broken leg – it wouldn’t have worked in the movie but here it definitely adds to the tension. Oct 22, Serena rated it really liked it Shelves: Cornell Woolrich is also the not-so-proud author of some 25 books, not all of them attaining that gray area between the timely and the timeless to the same degree, or eternal appeal, and some probably better in their original story form these stories in particular are the ones most in need of a reprint.


The characters contributed a lot to the overall enjoyability of the movie, so the story lacked all that He must have killed her! Truman Capote once said that all literature is gossip. So peaceful, so prosaic.

Woolrich died leaving fragments of an unfinished novel, titled The Loser ; fragments have been published separately and also collected in Tonight, Somewhere in New York Great fun, and with some things to think about.

While in Hollywood, Woolrich explored his sexuality, [3] apparently engaging in what Frances M. Her uncle has become convinced, after consulting a man who supposedly has second sight, that he will die on a certain day through Death at the jaws of a lion.

He arrives when he thinks she should have just gotten home from work, but the apartment is dark. Some of the staff there would take Woolrich down to the lobby so he could look out on the passing traffic, thus making the wizened, wheelchair-bound Woolrich into a kind of darker, self-loathing version of the character played by James Stewart in Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

But he turns to see you, his only witness, calling him. A soldier, having just returned highly disturbed from the war, decides to surprise his girl by showing up at her apartment unannounced.

I read this for class; can’t wait to watch the movie! View all 10 comments.

Cornell Woolrich

Five short stories loaded with tension; in true genre short story style they’re invariably about cormell final punchline but Woolrich had a fair amount of skill when it came to ratcheting up the tension and that’s what leaves him recognised as a master of his craft.

I guess not being able to track them on here doesn’t mean that I haven’t read them A belated nursemaid or two pushing a perambulator homeward.

Hitchcock, in the middle of his tale of deceit and murder, turns the eyes on Jeffries, the watcher of sin; how would he feel being watched?