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Copter X. OSE V2. Thank you very much for buying a COP TER X to use this product safely, please read this manual before flying the helicopter. Please. CopterX CX-CT3A Transmitter Instruction Manual · CopterX CX-CT6C Transmitter CopterX CX-CT6A 6 channel G Computer Transmitter Instruction Manual CX AE/SE V2 Instruction Manual · CopterX CX SE Instruction Manual. ESky Honey Bee FP V2 User Manual – ESky Honey Bee CT User Manual – ESky Honey Bee CPX ESky Belt CP V2 User Manual CopterX SE V2 Manual.

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Manual Download

This can become a serious mesh copteex only a few seconds! Also check if channel to is the heli mode with Ccpm mixing. I saves money too. Also your heli has the tendency to drift left and sometimes backwards. I have this same kit. This site uses cookies. This just takes time. Note that passwords are case-sensitive.


CopterX CX450PRO-TT Instruction Manual

As the build will take some time, so this page will be under construction for a nice period. Good bang for bucks. LOL Thanks again, Les. I remember Vista had some problems with FMS. I started with these heli in the summer of and have mainly positive tings to say about the heli with a few exeptions. Hand tight and a little snug is all you’ll maunal. Getting of the ground to slow can cause coptefx drift to. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


There is manusl expo on the combi, and the question is do you need expo on a class? I sanded my first shaft down to make it fit but realized that Align sleeves did fit without any sanding of the saft so that one was binned after my first crash. Mooie site heb je trouwens. It is such a lovely piece of clone art. Volgens mij ben jij HoneyBee expert, zou je me misschien een antwoord kunnen mankal Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register.


It is a very nice, stable and reliable collective pitch machine. I think I have 45 right now with the left 2 up and the right 2 down. Lots of good stuff there.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Trex SE V2 was my manual and what i build the bird after.

Please enter a valid email address for yourself. I always like that very much.

At 64 my learning curve has slowed WWWWaaaaaayyyyyy down. By time you will learn to control your Belt easier. Great that we share similar equipment.

Also have a Walkera CB which is a bundle of fun. Password Please enter a password for your user account.

You can learn very much by just looking at your own flying.