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The Convention was adopted on 14 April by the United Nations Conference on Diplomatic Intercourse and Immunities held at the Neue Hofburg in Vienna. El Gobierno garantizó ayer que Bolivia no dejará de ser miembro de la Convención de Viena de sobre estupefacientes porque un mes antes de que la. Que dicho Convenio fue suscrito en el marco de la Convención Unica de Estupefacientes, de 30 de marzo de , publicada en el aprobada en Viena el 20 de diciembre de ; Reconociendo que ambos Estados se.

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In accordance with the practice followed by the Secretary-General in similar circumstances, the text of the reservations was communicated to the States concerned on 2 Apriland, since no objections to this procedure were received within 90 days from that date, the Secretary-General received viean said notification of reservation in definitive deposit on 1 July Venezuela Bolivarian Republic of.

Vienna Convention

Therefore, the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic does not recognize these reservations as valid. The bag will not be opened except with the approval by the Foreign Ministry.

The Government nevertheless considers that the Convention remains in force as between it and 11961 aforementioned States, respectively, except in respect of the provisions which in each case are the subject of the said reservations. Further, the Government of Denmark does not regard as valid the reservation to paragraph 2 of Article 37 made by the United Arab Republic, Cambodia and Morocco.

It takes the view that this provision remains in force in relations between it and the State of Qatar in accordance with international customary law. United Republic of Tanzania. vieha

Therefore the Government of the Mongolian People’s Republic does not consider itself bound by the above-mentioned reservation. Declarations and Reservations Unless otherwise indicated, cpnvencion declarations and reservations were made upon ratification, accession or succession.

Convenclon respect of the reservations by the United Arab Republic and the Kingdom of Cambodia concerning article 37, paragraph 2. In respect of the reservations made by the Kingdom of Morocco and by Portugal concerning article 37, paragraph 2.


In respect of the reservation made by the Syrian Arab Republic concerning article 36, paragraph 1. The Government of the USSR considers that the reservations in question are illegal, since they conflict with the purposes of the Convention.

Greece 21 Greece The existence of strong indications or suspicions that the said violations have been perpetrated. The Cnvencion of the Kingdom of Thailand does not regard as valid the reservation made by the State of Bahrain in respect of paragraph 3 of article 27 of the Convention. Paragraph 2 of article 37 shall not apply. This declaration shall not be regarded as an obstacle to the entry into force of the said Convention between the French Republic and the Yemen Arab Republic.

The provisions of these articles are inconsistent donvencion the very nature of the Con- vention, which is universal in character and should be open for accession by all States. The Government of Japan also desires to record that the above-stated position is applicable to any reservations to the same effect to be made in the future by other countries.

Vienna Convention – Wikipedia

Vienq contraband articles will be seized in the presence of a representative of the Ministry and the Mission. If such request is denied by the authorities of the sending state, the diplomatic pouch shall be returned to its place of origin. It takes the view that these provisions remain in force in relations between it and the Yemen Arab Republic in accordance with international customary law.

In respect of the reservation made by the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen concerning article 11, paragraph 1. In view of its broad scope which affects the interest of all States in the world the present Convention should therefore be open for participation of all States.

Fiena therefore [the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria declares] that the Government of the Republic of Bulgaria, having reviewed the said declaration, cpnvencion withdraws the same. The Government of the French Republic does not se as valid the reservations to article 37, paragraph 2, made by the Government of Cambodia, the Government of the Kingdom of Morocco, the Government of Portugal and the Government of the United Arab Republic.


The Government of the State of Qatar reserves its right to open a diplomatic bag in the following two situations: Syrian Arab Republic 17 The People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen states that its acceptance of the provisions of the Convention does not, in any way whatsoever, imply recognition of, or entering into contrac- tual relations with, Israel. If the authorities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia suspect that the diplomatic pouch or any parcel therein contains matters which may not be sent through the diplomatic pouch, such authorities may request the opening of the parcel in their presence and in the presence of a representative appointed by the diplomatic mission concerned.

The Convention deals with matters which affect the interests of all States and therefore, in accordance with the principle of sovereign equality of States, no State should be barred from participation in a Convention of this nature.

Yemen 15 This declaration is not to be regarded as preventing the Convention’s entry into force as between the French Republic and the People’s Republic of China. In accordance with the principle of the equality of rights of States, the Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic considers that any difference of opinion regarding the size of a diplomatic mission should be settled by agreement between the sending State and the receiving State.

In accordance with the principle of sovereign equality, no State has the right to bar other States from accession to a Convention of this nature. Therefore the Government of Vena does not regard as convecion the reservations concerning article 27 of the Convention made by the Government of Bahrain and the Government of Qatar on 2 November and 6 Junerespectively.

The Government of Israel will, in so far as concerns the substance of the matter, adopt towards the Government of Kuwait an attitude of complete reciprocity”.