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Computer Graphics, CG Study Materials, Engineering Class handwritten notes, exam notes, previous year questions, PDF free download. BCAs can specialize in Computer Graphics aiming at the following Introduction . NOTES. Self-Instructional Material. Punjab Technical University. 1. Like Computer Graphics Papers, there are others paper are also For more details and information visit: graphics-mcapapers/ pls cg notes paper last years.

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Computer Graphics – CG Study Materials | PDF FREE DOWNLOAD

Cartesian dor Homogeneous Co-ordinate System, Geometric transformations translation, Scaling, Rotation, Reflection, ShearingComposite transformations, Affine transformation, Two dimensional viewing transformation and Windowing and clipping line, polygon and text. Be the first to comment! ICG May 0 Download.

Z-buffer, Painters algorithm, scan-line, subdivision, Shading and Reflection: Clipping operations point clipping. Diffuse reflection, Specular reflection, refracted light, Half toning, Dithering techniques.


Display control and Polygonspolygon representation. Homogeneous Co-ordinates and Translation. Fractals, Classification of fractals.

Computer Graphics

With their derivations, midpoint circle algorithm with derivation, Area filling techniques, flood fill. Com Model Paper M. Sc Model Paper M. Search your Question Paper 1. Nebulization therapy, Contraindication, Equipments and procedure. Rotation about an arbitrary point.

Principles and Practices of Management. You might also like. ICG May Download. Sean-line polygon fill algorithm.

Sin and Cos Rotation.

Current GK Quiz No. Hidden line and surface elimination algorithms: Bezier curves and surfaces. System analysis and Gdaphics. Sean- Line fill of curved Boundary Areas.

Line drawing algorithms- DDA Algorithm. Area- Fill Attributes- Fill styles. Attributes of output primitives: Viewing co-ordinate, Reference Frame.

Visible line and surface identification. Circle and Eclipse generating algorithms.

Computer Graphics – Free Study Notes for MBA MCA BBA BCA BA BSc BCOM MCOM MSc

Home ptu mca 4th icg. Graphics System with display processor, Color generating techniques shadow mask, beam penetration. Com Model Paper B. Bezier curves and its Properties, B-Spline curves. Pen and Brush options.


Sutherland Hodge man clipping. Tags interactive computer graphics icg.

Three Dimensional Object representations. Com I Model Paper B.