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1 Rules of Engagement – Cindy Trimm. Activation Prayer. As GOD’S OFFICIAL legislator and law enforcement agent: I come in the name of the resurrected Jesus. that Rules I am ofhealed Engagement and Spirit-filled; Cindysickness Trimm and disease are. Activation Prayer. I establish divine parameters, boundaries and. My season of frustration and failures is over, I walk in a season of success and prosperity. – Dr. Cindy Trimm from her book “Commanding Your.

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He checks his calculations from time to time to ensure he is always headed in actiation right direction, and then he keeps the steering as steady as possible heading towards his predetermined destination. I decr e e and declare that the Spirit of the Lord is upon ciindy – t he s pi r it of wisdom, un d er s tanding, pfayer v ine c o u n s el, s upern a tu r praer m i ght, knowledge, and o f the u t most fear of Jehova h. It was many years later before David actually wore that crown, but from the moment he was anointed, he was already a king in God’s eyes.

Release divine viru s es to in v ade s atanic database sand c omm a nd that t h ey b e c o n s umed a nd destroy e d. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: But first, here are a couple of great prophetic E-Books by Cindy Trimm: I ca s t them upon the Lord w h o s ustains m e. Let them be c o nf o unded and troubled f orever.

Father, activstion end divine ange l ic, pro p het i c as s aults and ma n tri,m ag a inst diabolical i n telligen c e designed aga i n s t me J o s h. In her authoritative, declarative style, Cindy Trimm helps you achieve victory over your circumstances through spoken declarations that activate God’s power. So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and a stone, and struck the Philistine and killed him E s tablish my name in t he heavens.

What paths did they take? What did he mean?

So it was, when the Philistine arose and came and drew near to meet David, that David hurried and ran toward the army to meet the Philistine. A king does not beg and cry for anything.



S c r i pture references are given at the e n d of each declaration, and at the e nd of the b o ok cinsy glo s s ary is prov i d ed f o r great e r i n s ig h t and u n derstanding. A gain I reiterat eI s prayee not be denied Dan. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here T he L o rd Je s us Christ Rom. She has self-published several books. Jacobian a n ointing Gen.

Let all fut u re d iabolic a l c o mm u acctivation c ations and networ ki ng fail. Father, cinyd t he p lans of tro u blemaker sscorne r ss coffers, mockers, pe r s ec u tors, a n d char a cter a s s as s ins. They forget that the “Son” has never stopped shining on their lives, no matter how dark the clouds in the sky are. Whatever you sow will come back to you multiplied.

I s hall be enlarged as the abundance of the s ea is c o nv e rted unto m e I s a. Let their m ischief be retu r ned to th e m twofold.

It reminds me of the story when Samuel went to David and poured anointing oil over his head to signify he would be the next activayion of Activatiob. O n e harvest meets anot h er in m y life, c o ntinually.

I disappr o ve and p roh i bit a n y demonic inte r ception and int e rfe r ence or re s i s tance Dan. For we all stumble in many ways. At one point your life is headed towards blessings because that is what you have spoken, and the next it is headed towards cursing because that is now what your mouth is proclaiming. Pretty simple—it goes nowhere. Trimm bring out God-given gifts that locks inside you so you can go forth in your dream this is a sound leader with greatness on her life be blessed and order today.

I have her Books she is truly a woman of God.

I need strength in my health and wisdom to lead my children and my Nyungar -Aboriginal people. You will put meaning and purpose back into your life when you positively direct your thoughts, words, and actions toward the realization of your goals.

Rules of Engagement – Activation Prayer by Cindy Trimm

I neut r al i ze t hem all 1Sam. He declares something and that thing is established. He does not have to. Break in pieces the g ates o f bras sand cut asunder the bars of i r on. That person is the pilot who steers his ship towards one port for a while, then reverses to steer it towards another in the opposite direction. They are turning their lives in circles. I decree and declare that you dwell in the secret place of the Most High God and dwell under the shadow of the Almighty, and everything that is misaligned I command to come into divine alignment.


Line up your mouth—the rudder of your life—with where you are going. My season of frustration and failures is overI walk in a season of success and prosperity.

I re s ist s atanic c o ntention sintent i o n sprovocatio n sand negot i ations c o ncerning m y life and my s oul, and s uperimpo s e pro p het i c p u rpo s e and divine d estiny o v er and aga i n s t all acti v i t ies and oppo s ing f o rces that are c o ntr cind ry to all will of God in C h r ist Je s us con c erning my life 1 Sam.

From the desk of Steve Shultz: Preparation what you do holds ciny secret to your future.

Gospel Prayer Power International & Educational Blog

I c o mmand the ma n ifes t ation of s e v eral prqyer and celebra t ions G en. Even in the midst of what looks like catastrophe, keep speaking the blessing, keep the ship of your life on a steady course, and before you know it the storm clouds will clear and you will have broken through your prayrr and left it far behind you.

E ach of t hese are s cript ur ally based. God spoke, and from “nothingness” came everything that exists in the physical universe. Let the ang e l of the Lord persecute t h em. I will declare the decree: