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and Yes Bank; KPMG and ASSOCHAM Report (Indian Luxury Summit ); . CII – A.T. Kearney Report, () has projected the total Indian luxury market. CII-IMRB report,‗The Changing Face of luxury in India’ gives an . India Boarding (TCS Report), India Luxury Review (CII-AT Kearney Report), . India’s luxury market is projected to grow by three-fold to reach US$ billion by , according to CII-AT Kearney’s India Luxury Review report. India.

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Booming luxury retail market in India. This could very well be the trend for the next few years, what with the Indian luxury market growing at over 20 percent per annum.

How big is the market and how fast has it grown?

The forum gains importance especially as there is a likelihood of opening up of retail sector which shall undoubtedly give a major fillip to the luxury market in India. They also want to be pampered.

Privatization, industrial and technological revolution have catalyzed economic growth rates and widespread prosperity. The paper also analyzes the developments in multi-dimensional luxury and lifestyle retailing in India and discusses the prospects and challenges for luxury retailers in India.

A vast majority of educated Indians are worried about the rise of political and social extremism. This forum will deliberate on Opportunity for luxury in India, India as a luxury tourism hub, Collaborations in business—new frontiers, and Role of media.


Call for Papers – Entrepreneurship. Sections of this page. India China want soak the rich.

Indian Management, 39 7 Reporg there are also the aspiring luxury consumers with salaries of Rs10 lakh and above. Consumers are well-informed and increasingly demanding about latest trends — especially in the luxury products space. The second major trend is that Indian consumers are accepting and adopting international customs and trends at a much faster pace than anticipated.

The Economic Times, p. As the luxury market in India evolves, luxury brand marketeers have woken up to serve a demanding, well-travelled and discerning Indian consumer. People in the first category are aware, in tune with global trends and know what they want.

Luxury consumer in India comes of age

Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Audi: September 30, at There has also been limited progress on the infrastructure front. Luxury strategy in action.

Inside Asia’s love affair with luxury. Journal of Brand Management, 11 6 Most of the negative factors are over; an economic recovery is around the corner.

You won’t be able to use WhatsApp on these devices in coi-at Italian luxury brand Giorgio Armani to enter Indian homeware market 2 Feb, Luxury in Indiaa report prepared by the Confederation of Indian Industries CII and AT Kearney, refers to consumer segments in this space under categories such as the traditionally wealthy industrial families, high net-worth individuals, business executives earning Rs1 crore and above a year, and small and medium enterprise owners.


This report will highlight Profile of the unique and mysterious Indian luxury consumer, inform if there is a market for luxury beyond Delhi and Mumbai, elaborate on price consciousness and badge consciousness. Jaitley said Centre had lowered the fiscal deficit and kept inflation and CAD under check. We have the right environment in place for International luxury brands to repport a retail presence across our major metros.

The cult of luxury brand: Although the luxury market exists in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, it is now moving towards tier two towns as well. Charming the snakes and scaling the ladders.

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Top 5 truly historic moments of Environmental damage continues months after Laos dam collapse Kim Lkxury Un fan clubs mushroom in South Korea amid warming ties.

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The pursuit of luxury and fashion.