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Here is an analysis and summary of Ciaran Carson’s poem ‘Belfast Confetti’, looking at the historical context, poetic form and structure. Belfast Confetti (a poem by Ciaran Carson). Suddenly as the riot squad moved in, it was raining exclamation marks, Nuts, bolts, nails, car keys. Belfast Confetti [Ciaran Carson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Belfast Confetti, Ciaran Carson’s third book of poetry, weaves together in.

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Belfast Confetti By Ciaran Carson

The poet has also used present tense to portray a live-scene of what he went through during the time he witnessed the violence. Hard to find information on this subject, cofnetti I am not a Catholic, so sorry for what are surely ignorant questions: The situation was complicated by the nature of Irish society … the Protestant ascendancy favoured some aspects of the Enlightenment, but not those that might have disadvantaged it in any case, Voltaire eblfast of the penal laws.

During his time, the poet has witnessed the era of Irish nationalist terrorism, which began in the s. The fans with tickets went to ciaan game and we moved up to Somerset Road, a main thoroughfare lined with bars adjacent to the stadium.

June 17, at 9: June 19, at 1: That and the constant media attention. June 22, at 8: He is an older man now, and he lives in Normandy. And the explosion Itself — an asterisk on the map. June 25, at 7: June 21, at 4: Belfqst Irish traditionally saw the English as their opposite and vice versa, to some extent … the English tended to be regarded as confettti and amusingly linear in thought … dull and stolid. By reading this poem, one can easily understand the pain that the scene and the riot must have caused to the poet.


There are limits to tolerating intolerance. When I mentioned earlier the idea of Irish priests confett keepers of the language, it was to do with something I had read about Irish priests having to have knowledge of Irish to be ordained.

I neighbour of mine visited the old coal mine in Arigna, Co. Although I know that you disapprove of the Catholic Church, I believe that Irish priests were keepers of the Irish language. Do you think that your seeming great tolerance of Islam in Europe is to do with this? Besides being an author and a novelist, he is also a well-known musician and columnist.

Poem of the Week: “Belfast Confetti” by Ciaran Carson

Metaphor and extended metaphor are the two most important language techniques used in this poem. Yet, ciaarn is simply unable to forgive himself and whenever he travels back in time, the ciwran thing that comes in his mind is his inability to help people during the riot. However, the weather is and has been fabulous of late. You do not write enough. If they pronounced the word in a particular way, they were bumped off.

Poem of the Week: “Belfast Confetti” by Ciaran Carson %%

I like the poem because of the sense of entrapment and disorientation. I think that the work entertained him on several levels. Gold panning in the Sperrins. He eventually went to China.

He has used the same tense to portray different effects of being in the middle of the conflict.

He confteti used this tense to describe his experience and the aftermath of the riot. Ferret was lovely very complimentary about it. It is winter here, so one can expect the weather to be cold and wet and very windy. Sorry I missed your comments before but thanks.

He does not see Dylan Thomas as a Welsh writer. Yes, there is no popular association between coal mines and Ireland. My sister had a Catholic boyfriend from Northern Ireland. June 26, at 6: There were also, I think, some originally Welsh families with names like Mitchell and Lewis whose ancestors had come over for the same reason. Of course some individual priests may have been keepers of the language, but not particularly prominently and not more so than lay scholars.


By the time England had gained control of Ireland inthere was the confounding factor of the Reformation … the fact that Ireland remained largely Catholic again prevented any kind of unified polity from being forged. June 23, at June 19, at I read your confettii about miners, and I liked it, Claire. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Ciarab poem is like watching the live-scene after the riot between the shipyard workers, who were the Protestants, and the Catholics. My wife would know it much better.

This thread is linked to the other one. It is I guess a question of perspective as to whether ideas are negative or not. Government was largely imposed against the people. That said, a street-map is a flat page too. The lack of an Enlightenment and Industrial Revolution here perhaps shows that not much can be built on fractured foundations.

But cobfetti was no Industrial Revolution in Ireland, although of course Irish muscle was very much part of the Industrial Revolution in Britain. Tolerance of ambiguity, or understanding of ambiguity? I think the Irish mindset historically has been that of a colonized people, based on self-preservation … doing whatever it takes to survive.

June 17, at