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Choriocarcinoma is a fast-growing cancer that occurs in a woman’s uterus (womb ). The abnormal cells start in the tissue that would normally. Hydatidiform mole (complete or partial); Invasive mole; Choriocarcinoma; Placental-site trophoblastic tumor; Epithelioid trophoblastic tumor. Find out about persistent trophoblastic disease (PTD) and choriocarcinoma.

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These can be found in areas other than the uterus, and can occur in both men and women. About Cancer generously supported by Dangoor Education since National Cancer Institute website. The pregnancy hormone HCG level will be high.


Most women whose cancer has not spread can be cured and will still be able to have children. Gestational trophoblastic disease Hydatidiform mole Choriocarcinoma Placental site trophoblastic tumor Polyembryoma Gonadoblastoma. Often, diagnosis is presumptive, and based on clinical findings and the identification of a malignant trophoblast. The treatment for persistent trophoblastic disease is usually chemotherapy. The same is true of choriocarcinoma arising in the ovary.

This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat This condition is one of a group of conditions known as gestational trophoblastic disease GTD. Find out about staging for persistent trophoblastic disease PTD and choriocarcinoma.


Choriocarcinoma – Wikipedia

A possible symptom is abnormal or irregular vaginal bleeding in a woman who recently had a hydatidiform mole or pregnancy.

Normal and Problem Pregnancies. Even a very small amount of molar tissue anywhere in the body can grow and cause problems. About one-quarter develop in women who have a miscarriage spontaneous abortionintentional abortion, or tubal pregnancy the fetus develops in the fallopian tube, rather than in the uterus. Since choriocarcinomas include syncytiotrophoblasts beta-HCG producing cellsthey cause elevated blood levels of beta-human choriocarcinmoa gonadotropin.

You can ease choricoarcinoma stress of illness by joining a cancer support group.

Gestational choriocarcinoma – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. Choriocarcinoma Micrograph of choriocarcinoma showing both of the components necessary for the diagnosis – cytotrophoblasts and syncytiotrophoblasts.

You will have tests and scans to find the stage. This is a growth that forms inside the womb at the beginning of a pregnancy. Blood tests that may be done include: Early diagnosis of choriocarcinoma can improve the outcome.

Call choriocarcnioma or email us. Choriocarcinoma only happens in about 1 in every 50, pregnancies and there are fewer than 20 cases a year in the UK.


It is much more likely than other types of GTD to grow quickly and spread to organs away from the uterus. Skip to main content. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

It belongs to the malignant end of the spectrum in gestational trophoblastic disease GTD. Syncytiotrophoblasts are large multi-nucleated cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm. For more information about these tumors, see Ovarian Cancer and Testicular Cancer.

This bleeding can be life threatening. Most PSTTs do not spread to other sites in the body. The scores for each risk factor are 0,1, 2 and 4.

Views Read Edit View history. Chorio refers to the word chorion, which is the outer covering membrane of the growing baby foetus. Persistent trophoblastic disease is fhoriocarcinoma women who have had treatment to remove a molar pregnancy from the womb still have some molar tissue left behind.