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CCDStack’s easy to use interface gives you all the controls you need to quickly process Manual alignmentfprovides full manual control over shift, rotation, and . Of the myriad programs available today for processing CCD images, CCDStack 2 is the choice of many seasoned imagers due to its intuitive. In creating master frames, CCDStack does not have a median combine, but A cursory look at the instruction manual for CCDStack seems to.

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Powerful, easy-to-use astronomical image processing software with next-generation technology. Welcome to Adam Block Studios, where you learn to create beautiful images of the Universe through manial proficiency and thoughtful artistry.

PI Edition Cosmic Canvas: Here you get more material, you work at your own pace and of course from the comfort of your own home or even on a mobile device on the go – all for a manuxl price. Tool Strips Configurable buttons for quick execution of common tasks.

M ccddstack consisted of 12 5-minute luminance exposures all taken in ccdstaci session with dithering being the only source of misalignment. If you are a beginner, you will become a pro at using Layers and Masks. One Shot Color Example. The main categories are accessible from the menu on the left. In-depth lectures that go beyond step-by-step “cookbook” photography.


By separating the underlying bit image data from the display bitmap shown on the screen. CCDStack’s easy to use interface gives you all the controls you need to quickly process your images with an intuitive workflow.

It requires similar image scale e. I am so impressed with CCDStack not only because it is powerful but it is comprehensible.

For interest a comparison was performed using the measurements by CCDInspector version 1. Process All images were calibrated with the same master flat and dark frames in CCDStack using the same methods.

ccdstafk Dimensions Photoshop This is Adam’s classic set of instructions on astronomical image processing with Photoshop. It was also done to see if the larger number of subframes would improve any gain in alignment advantage of one method over the other. In a few moments, your master bias frame is displayed.

Image Processing with CCDStack 2

This feature, together with performance tuning, allows frequent iteration to achieve the level of deconvolution maual want. M data consisted of 44 5-minute luminance exposures taken over several nights with some significant image shifting between nights. Authored Works Authored Works. The red spots on the image above are flagged to be rejected in a stack of 10 images.

Dark Horse Observatory – Comparison of Alignment Tools – Methods

CCDStack’s powerful data rejection system allows you to quickly remove artifacts from your stack of images. CCDStack 2 is the only image processing program for amateurs that displays exactly which pixels in each image it determines will be ignored when combining sub-exposures using sigma-based data-rejection algorithms.


Version 2 automatically selects multiple, isolated stars to get a more representative point-spread function PSFthat is critical to successful deconvolution. Pixinsight Fundamentals These are the core lessons that will teach you how to use PixInsight with skill. Web Application Powered by: See the Dimensions of Photoshop! Manual alignmentfprovides full manual control over shift, rotation, and magnification.

These images were selected to see what effect better starting alignment of the images would have and what effect smaller numbers of images would make on the results.

On this website you will find instructional videos and other materials on a handful of subjects including PixInsight, Photoshop, and CCDStack.

You are not restricted to one form of ccdsack. CCDStackt is compatible with both bit and bit version of Windows. Adam Block is something like the Bob Ross of astrophotography with these videos. New innovations and solutions to common problems are found here.

In order to watch the videos, you will need to become ccdstakc member for that particular subject. This is really a masterpiece of software!

Enjoy the artistry of the Cosmic Canvas.