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Products > Online Catalogue > Product sheet. B. About Urmet Aug 2, , Product drawing in dxf format without dimensions -, dxf 99KB. Aug 2, Products > Online Catalogue > Product sheet. B Aug 2, , Product drawing in dxf format with dimensions in mm, dxf 97KB. Aug 2, , Aprimatic is Urmet S.p.A.’s The WHITE section of the catalogue presents ,56 / ,56 / ,80 /

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The low-speed shaft has two protuberances with holes and a slot on both ends, so that it can be positioned in the centre or at one end of the gear unit.

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The key-operated selector units can be used to set and select 6 operating modes for automatic sliding doors. Slowdown system for a soft approach of the door during opening and closing, thus avoiding noise and mechanical cataloo to the structure. Stainless steel screw for maximum strengness and long life.

The information shown in all Aprimatic publications is provided for information purposes only and is subject to modification at any time without prior warning. Special surface treatment to give an excellent resistance to oxidation.

An optional accessory is available to protect the reflector from bumps and splashes.

Compact board size to leave plenty of room for wiring and to ensure easy installation and maintenance. Aprimatic is Urmet S.

Operator quiet thanks to the extremely robust structure that prevents vibration. Duo and Try system have perfect balance and therefore evenly- distributed movement are obtained, even with large frames, by exploiting the power and reliability of a motor unit combined with one or two more thrust units. Shopbop Designer, Marche, Fashion e stile.


Clicca qui per vedere la lista. The spring compensator on the end of the rack may be of the pulling or pushing type depending on which way the windows close, and guarantees even pressure on the window frames. The following motors for condominium use are available: Tick the box matching the model and size you wish to order. Visualizza la sezione Domande e risposte. For 2 wings, 80 kg each for one wing kg. The drive pipes for connection to two or three thrust points are made of anodised aluminium and are supplied complete with fixing screws.

The prices indicated on the Price List are not binding. All aluminium profiles are supplied non-anodised in lengths of mm. Suitable for shops, supermarkets and offices with high traffic levels. Buongiorno enables you to open and close the shutters in your home without opening the windows simply by pressing a button.

Prime Now Consegna in finestre di 2 ore. Kit for swing gates, with hydraulic operator with lock on closing. Sensitive edge used to prevent the risk of crushing due to electric gates movement. Power Point – The Electric Carnival.


Gate level Gate level 1- Motor 2- Worm screw reduction unit 3- Bell type cataloho 4- Single disk dry clutch 5- Release device 6- Pinion 7- Support base 8- Door 9- Mechanical limit stop aprimatic. The chain is rust-proof thanks to the Dacro-met coating. The lock can be activated from both inside and outside the catzlogo. The rotary shaft support brackets run on ball bearings and have adjustment slots. Tutti i prezzi includono l’IVA. Classification criteria include the position of the system, the type of user and the control mode.


Duo System and Try System are ideal for use with automation systems for large domes, outward-opening windows and large skylights.

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The standard hydraulic slowing down system in the closing non-adjustable allows a soft approach of the wings, silently and without mechanical stress to the structure; The slowing down can be electronically adjustable. The use of a safety edge is recommended. Attiva gli ordini 1-Click. On two-wing gates, the slowdown function requires 1 slowdown kit for the 1st wing and 1 slowdown kit for the urmte wing if the T4 POWER electronic control unit is used.

The set of fittings for semi-fixed wings are not visible and located inside the covering profile.

For more devices, see the section “Control units and Indicators” in this catalogue refer to the initial index. Electronic operator in aluminium casing with straight-arm linear movement. Not compatible with previous Raider model aprimatic. It returns you to the origins of human movement, freeing you to re-discover the four fundamental physical cataloto The EB2 electric lock can be fitted on request with mechanical release systems which is used to release the lock in the event 2100 an operating fault, a mains power failure or a backup battery failure.