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The first Subbuteo figure was the flat two dimensional cardboard figure first seen Available teams were numbers in the catalogue plus some special. West Ham. 1. Claret base 2. Sky base 3. Claret base with flesh plastic 4. Red base with flesh plastic 5. White base with blue inners flesh plastic 6. Blue base. The complete team, starters and substitutes. 22 outfield players + 3 rodded keepers. Please specify in the ORDER NOTES the number and the name of the.

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Cagliari had unexpectedly won the Scudetto Serie A. Almost as popular as refs one and two, this kit was also used by Milwall, Bradford, Doncaster, Port Vale, Northampton, York, Colchester and Darlington in England and countless others abroad. However, a few odd little kits had began to creep into the lists in the s such as Oldham at 37 and Grimsby at ref White base yellow inner 4.

Red base black inner 5. Possible alternate version that looks a little like Ajax. The top was simply a yellow t-shirt with the word Subbuteo written across the chest in red. Also Crystal Palace during the s.

Despite this, in my experience, the white shorts version is still slightly more jw than the blue.

Astrobase – Old Subbuteo – ZEUGO HW Teams – Page 1 (20 Items)

In this changed, as the first wholesale expansion into the European leagues and export market began. Now that I’ve split the figure types, I’ve had to change how the lists are dated. The three dimensional heavyweight oo scale figure was introduced in late on two tone coloured bases. References 1 – Very occasionally and in limited reference numbers, another type of heavyweight can be found.

Third Version – White Shorts. Queens Park Rangers, Reading, Morton. Claret sock hoops 4. So it is quite a rare side. Red base white inners black shorts 4.

Catalogo HW

The Zombie also saw the introduction of the ‘plug’ style fixing into the base for the first time, rather than the bar fixing on the original three dimensional figures. During it’s long reign, the Classic Heavyweight remained the standard figure for the growing number of available kits in the catalogue but other designs of player were used in the boxed starter sets and also for the eight 5-a-side Football Express teams. Little Plastic Men recommend Humbrol products. With the machines came the more intricate kits and by the catalkgo ‘s it was possible to buy Premiership teams, still on the two colour bases with sponsors logos, very fine detail and for the first time since the one off Heavyweight France team in the late ‘s, mixed race teams that included three dark skinned players.


This highly detailed player was available until around increasing the range of teams to some in total. The player is painted onto a white figure, and ha white trim subbueo bare plastic.

With the Zombie conceded as a near fatal mistake for the game, saw a hastily redesigned new figure suitable for machine painting, the Lightweight. For the more mature collector like myself, who just wants to own complete teams, catzlogo does prove a little tricky and have only just escaped being arrested on two occasions while hanging around school playgrounds attempting to swap one of my fifteen Ze Maria’s for that elusive Michael Owen.

Black base black shorts 5.

Was also several German sides. The red and yellow version then switches to ref 61 for a couple of years before disappearing. The common version, with simplified trim painted onto flesh plastic. Actually blank for most of this era, until Bristol Rovers returned to it in Often the shorts on the all blue version do not quite match the shirts, and collectors believe that there was a recall of the white shorts version, so that it could be corrected.

All white bases 3. Other British clubs in the ’70s were Swindon, Crewe and Bournemouth. Aston Villa’s change out of light blue sleeves was unpopular and short-lived. All photographs and text contained in this site may not be reproduced in any form without express permission.

History of the Subbuteo Football Figure Probably the most asked question by curious visitors to the site who have unearthed their old Subbuteo collection from the loft is for me to explain the differences between heavyweight and lightweight figures.


The final incarnation of the lightweight comes on the single colour Hasbro one piece base on the far right, the figures are very slightly thinner and less well made than the first lightweights but for actually playing the game seriously, the new lower flat bottomed bases were a vast improvement, although lacking in fancy two tone colour combinations.

Blue base blue socks 3. This kit was often painted with Subbuteo’s navy blue i.

Molded blue base 3. Machine printing doesn’t seem to be in full flow to around so probably explains why the first of the lightweights were hand painted along with the left over stocks of unwanted Zombies for a year or two.

The claret version is lovely. Blue base black inner. Blue base white plastic and subuteo boots 4. No Little Plastic Men were harmed in the making of this web site.

Available teams were numbers in the catalogue plus some special World Cup teams for the finals. Interestingly, this innovative new figure along with the ever expanding accessory range was probably one of the main reasons that in Subbuteo’s main rival, Newfooty, caatlogo production as the company was still plodding away producing the now dated flat figures that had remained largely unchanged since These figures cayalogo have gained the name ‘Moulded’ but each version has been given a further tag for identification purposes.

The first Subbuteo figure was the flat two dimensional cardboard figure first seen around Occasionally, Scunthorpe, Mansfield, Barrow and Tranmere. Sheffield Wednesday at one point, i t then remained unused throughout the s Bradford City off and on.

With Subbuteo production at a halt, Hasbro granted license to an Italian firm, Edilio Parodi in to manufacture a new range of teams which was short lived and ceased in late This also sees a return aubbuteo red and yellow stripes.

Nijmegen Hol Como Italy Italian sides. Red base black boots 4.