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Casca is a series of paperback novels, and since January , ebooks as well, created and written by author Barry Sadler in The stories revolve around the life of Casca Rufio Longinus, the soldier in . Casca 4: Panzer Soldier ( ): Casca fights for the Germans at the Battle of Kursk, and later meets Hitler. Casca 5. A Panzer soldier for the brutal Third Reich, Casca becomes entrenched in Hitler’s Nazi war machine and is forced to pit his credit as a soldier against his moral. Buy a cheap copy of Casca: Panzer Soldier book by Barry Sadler. Free shipping over $

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Sep 03, David rated it really liked it Shelves: Sadler wrote some of the early novels soldisr the series while the others were assigned to ghostwriters. This book has its flaws, some specific to this one and some that are standard in entire series.

He curses you to wander the earth till his return. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

I still like the premise of a soldier cursed to live until Christ retu While I read this series years ago, I think that this was one of my favourites. He spent 7 months in a coma and died more than a year later. Casca Longinus is their path back to Christ and they will stop at nothing in keeping their most hated enemy in their sights for all time.


Goldman discovered Casca’s unusual healing soldie and became his biographer and chronicler after hearing his story. I still like the premise solier a soldier cursed to live until Christ returns, but Harry Turtledove and others do a much better job of writing this stuff.

Panzer Soldier (Casca, #4) by Barry Sadler

He joined the 10th Legion and was sent to Jerusalem csaca he was assigned to the execution detail for three prisoners, amongst whom was Jesus. Panzer Soldier Casca Series Author s: Retrieved from ” https: This is possibly the best, IMO.

Books In Motion Availability: On occasions they inflict severe pain on Casca as punishment for his actions.

In the novel Casca Brint Mackey rated it it was amazing Jan 31, The Outcastwhich was written by Paul Dengelegi in The Outlawwhich were written by Michael B. While Casca and his friends are not exactlly outraged they are still saddened.

Panzer Solcier Author s: Sometimes he tries to be funny, witty or make characters even more bad ass but all it achieves is to make everything annoying. I love how Casca ends up with an overly large, but reliable and happy companion in two of the four books so far.

Without the permission of the Casca publishers, he contracted with Americana Audio to have it published as a three-disc audiobook CD. Two subsequent novels Casca Other books in the series.


Panzer Soldier

Trivia About Panzer Soldier C Views Read Edit Soldiet history. Thanks for telling us about caasca problem. A great story told from the personal perspective of the men who faced off against the Russians looking out and fighting for each other and having to look behind their tank SS Totenkopf as well as in the front for enemies.

The Brotherhood keeps Casca in their sights until that day; though they may hate Casca for his actions on Golgotha, they must not prevent him from meeting their Lord. Books by Barry Sadler. Casca Rufio Longinus is the legendary Roman soldier who slayed Christ with a spear.

The Panzer Soldier (Casca, book 4) by Barry Sadler

I know the popular definition has changed, but that’s no excuse. Then that you shall remain until we meet again. His family died of plague and the young Casca burned the family home afterward.