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Review: A Brilliant Solution, Inventing the American Constitution – by Carol Berkin July This book published in should be a must read for. Berkin describes the making of the U.S. Constitution. A Brilliant Solution: inventing the American Constitution. Author: Carol Berkin. Harcourt, Inc., At first glance to Carol Berkin’s a Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution I felt uneasy. I predicted it was going to be reading a short “textbook”.

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Nov 03, Seamus rated it liked it Recommends it for: She describes them in such a way that makes you curious about what they contributed to the constitution; especially when you come across names we are unfamiliar with.

They rushed to enact tariffs and trade barriers, replacing the hated British restrictions with restrictions of their own. An independent American merchant marine was free to carry American products, but they no longer enjoyed the protection of the British navy on the high seas.

Virginia and South Carolina cheerfully squeezed what they could out of hapless North Carolina. At Kobo, we try to ensure that published reviews do not contain rude or profane language, spoilers, or any of our reviewer’s personal information. Just because of one little state, Florida! What I have learned from this reading was that for every action there is a reason, for every outcome and problem there is a solution, except in some cases the solution may not seem as clear LOVED IT!

A Brilliant Solution is one of my favorite non-fiction book. As i got through the lengthy chapters I would consistently forget what I read in the previous pages. Men of ‘Ability, Weight, and Experience'” because it gave us a better understanding of the delegates and who they were. The group of men who traveled to Philadelphia in the summer of had no idea what kind of history their meeting would make. A Gathering of Demigods. The solution to these problems, and others, would seem to modern Americans to be the task of the national government.


Free solhtion the restraints imposed by British navigation, or trade, laws, American shippers, farmers, and planters looked forward to selling tobacco and wheat directly to foreign nations, and entrepreneurs looked forward to manufacturing finished products for sale to markets abroad.

We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. Lists with This Book. We know–and love–the story of the American Revolution, from the Declaration of Independence to Cornwallis’s defeat.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. From Massachusetts the bookseller turned Revolutionary strategist, Henry Knox, declared, “Our present federal government is a name, a shadow, without power, or effect. The decision to support a bicameral legislature with proportional representation in only one of the two houses was one of the most brilliant parts of the brilliant solution. And if there were a tie, members of the House of Representatives would select which would be the president.

They had goals of equality and unity in Americas. As it turns out one of the fears of the delegates at the constitutional convention was that there betkin be perpetually disputed elections, although admittedly not on account of hanging chads, but rather because only George Washington had the thirteen colonies wide reputation of George Washington, leading them to imagine every state backing a separate candidate and deadlocked elections.

A Brilliant Solution

With duties to pay at every state border, even the most intrepid merchant or shipper found interstate commerce a nightmare. The states had their own little chaotic governments. The founding fathers might then have predicted that dealing with terrorists from the Islamic world caro, be an ongoing problem even if they would have suspected the machinations of the Bey of Algiers.

There were many difficulties and debates because it seemed as if there were a ridiculous amount of clashing personalities. LevstikKeith C. She does a lot to develop the personality of the people involved–especially some of w ones who aren’t in the normal pantheon.

For some people it may be super interesting but even for them, Carol Berkin’s narrative view provides a more story like telling of briilliant constitutional convention.

I hated reading this book.

A Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution – Carol Berkin – Google Books

In A Brilliant Solution: The book is a bit short on the political theory and analysis, but it does enough of it to be a starting place.


With her engaging narrative the includes the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution as initially approved, as well as thumbnail biographies of all the representatives to the convention. Dec 09, Mohammad rated it liked it. Jul 30, Yasmin added it. Building a New Nation. People were out doing whatever they pleased, such as the states having too much inner power and becoming rather corrupt, as said here in A Brilliant Solution: New Englanders were equally optimistic, for John Adams”s dogged persistence had won them the right to fish the outer banks of Newfoundland.

Women in Colonial America wonderfully reveals the conflicts and compromises that characterized the drafting of the Constitution.

By demonstrating the problems that the fathers face and the ways they solved the berrkin serves as an ephemeral lesson. When I think of the constitution I don’t think that there was as much involved as I learned from this book.

Dec 18, James Usovicz rated it it was amazing. The United States, he declared, was doing more harm to itself than the British army had ever done.

A Brilliant Solution: inventing the American Constitution

Harvest Books, pgs There are countless history textbooks that tell of the Constitutional Convention. Bush win the election. Sep 12, Jacob R-B rated it it was ok.

Not all of the delegates wanted an executive branch of government. Slowly, Americans realized their new dilemma: Chesapeake tobacco planters had renounced their debts to Scottish merchants and English consignment agents when they declared independence, but in the process they ebrkin lost their most reliable sources of credit.