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Carla Viana Coscarelli is the author of Tecnologias para aprender ( avg rating, 1 rating, 0 reviews). Carla Viana Coscarelli. Role(s). Artist. Collaborations: Palavrador [Francisco Marinho] [SIGGRAPH ]. Sponsored by: All artwork and text on this site are the. Tecnologias Para Aprender [Carla Viana Coscarelli] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Como aprender usando tecnologias ou o que.

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They also point to these characteristics as the main reason for the caela of this text. Get to Know Us.

As vkana can see in the following answers, one of the students simply described the advertisement Suj45Cand the others did not present the existence of different mental spaces clearly enough nor the relationship among them.

They were asked to answer eight questions about the text after reading it. In the generic space the tempter tells the ‘victim’ not to resist the desired object and this relation is projected into the other spaces. Abstract Doscarelli is usually seen as an activity without subdivisions. This interpretation apparently contrasts with another viaba, in which Campari is the serpent and, therefore, is the agent of temptation, as we can see in the next answer: The students’ global comprehension was verifed in two different questions in this text: The ad justifies the consumption of the drink” The answers show how the ad stimulates the reader’s curiosity and imagination, by using symbology and choosing a controversial theme.

Some answers were not considered adequate, since they do not show the theme clearly. Caela Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. One of the main differences between our beliefs and the ideas presented by researchers that argue for considering hypertext a revolution as far as writing and reading are concerned, such as Landow and others, is that they focus on navigation, on how the content is presented, and the user’s interaction with the text, while we focus our attention on text comprehension as a cognitive process.

This student establishes the apple as the element that provokes instead of vianx serpent. The information provided can indicate to the teacherthe abilities he should help develop in his students in order tomake them become good readers.



The high number of adequate responses to this question shows that the students could build connections among the elements in the text, revealing that they deal with compressions and decompressions during text comprehension.

Fauconnier defines mental spaces as. In comprehending this advertisement, these two domains are integrated in a third one in which features of the serpent, the apple and Campari are compressed in only one element. Other answers given by this subject to other questions show more clearly the mental spaces that he activated and the connections he established among them, as for instance, in his answer to question So, the drink has sin in itself, therefore it provokes.

We connect them and we also relate them to much more stable background knowledge and a lot of language. For the continuous format, all and the same information presented by the links at the hypertextual format was transformed into a continuous and articulated continuous text below the image of the ad Appendix 2. In the expression “only he is like this”, the pronoun “he” seems to refer to Paradise or to the fruit in the biblical space, and to Campari in the drinking space.

The interaction of syntax and semantics during sentence processing: As we considered relevant to make a qualitative analysis of the data, we chose to test a small number or students in order to make this kind of refined analysis possible. The aim of the first question – How would you explain this ad to a classmate? The students were asked to read the text on the computer in order to answer some questions about it afterwards.

Carla Viana Coscarelli

This becomes more evident in the answers this reader gives to questions 7 and 8, in which he mentions the “aphrodisiac power of the drink”. The cognitive representation and processing of discourse: In this answer, the reader presents a complex relationship of identity between the apple, the drink and sin. One second of reading. In Portuguese, “ele” he is used either for humans and objects, enabling this polysemy.



The serpent, the apple, coscarello the “pieces” of the bottle show that the drink is much more than the word means. In the expression “Only he is like this”, what does “like this” refer to? The modularity of mind.

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From the moment someone tries it, he or she will never stop drinking”. According to quantitative analyses of the answers, students that read the text coscaarelli hypertext format achieved better results in all skills.

It seems that hypertext offers a friendlier interface, and a better usability than the continuous format, stimulating students to go back to the text whenever it is necessary in order to find explicit information, to check their comprehension as well as to ratify their answers.

In this case, the apple provokes.

This happens to emphasize the word “he”, reinforcing the idea of a special product already in the sentence “only he is like this”. Global Comprehension The students’ global comprehension was verifed in two different questions in this text: Lately she has developed research on reading, mainly, how people read hypertexts; and digital literacy, trying to fgure out efficient ways to use new technologies in coscareloi to contribute to alphabetization and literacy of young children.

These results contradict one of our presuppositions, which speculated that the continuous format would generate better results in the questions that measure global comprehension, since in this version, unlike what was done in the hypertext version, the text was not fragmented.

Learning, Memory and Cognition, v. Withpsycholinguistics as a support, we will show in this paper thatreading can coscarelll split into many sub processes.