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Card College Light by Roberto Giobbi – Book on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Is Not Your Father’s Self-Working Card Book! From the. Card College Light – Roberto Giobbi This Is Not Your Father’s “Self-Working” Card Book! From the author of Card College, the world’s most. Because as wonderful as Roberto’s Card College series is, it is still a his series (5 main volumes and 3 Card College Light volumes) have.

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He spent collegge least an hour going through almost all the individual books that he has on his bookshelf with me, after that, he went on and taught me more about the art of magic.

Jul 15, Messages: More importantly, Giobbi has created routines where each self-working effect is part of a plan to create a magical impression. Read our privacy policy. They flow seamlessly between each other. Judging that the reader now has more than a sufficient number of tools in his grasp, Mr. Giobbi also provides some suggestions for using sleights to further increase the impact of the routines, and he provides some nice sources for additional study.

Browse Magic Tricks We are not like other magic shops: They expose the method behind the tricks, but they fail to explain czrd the tricks cars made genuinely amazing. Gestalt – a configuration, pattern, or organized field having specific properties rlberto cannot be derived from the summation of its component parts; a unified whole.


The book is professionally done, and Giobbi does a great job of explaining how to create your own routines and what to look for in them. And that is just the beginning. Although other books consider the same type of material, their approaches to it are quite different from Giobbi’s. This gives you if you so choose a ready-made routine with an opener, middle, and closer. Book Very Good to Excellent. Your name or email address: As Jason said, Roberto Giobbi collected a tremendous amount of knowledge from a variety of sources and compiled it all in the Carv College Series.

Card College Light strives Do you already have an account? Dec 8, Tony Tuccillo Phoenix, AZ. Share This Page Tweet. I remember when I bought the Card College series, I told my wife that I wouldn’t need any ligh card magic books.

Giobbi also explains how these tricks can be arranged into highly effective and entertaining routines. The techniques, concepts and effects from his series 5 main volumes and 3 Card College Light volumes have been largely gibbi from classic texts like Royal Road, Expert Card Technique, Dai Vernon’s books and the works of Juan Tamariz. No, create an account now. One of the volumes are seven complete routines, as Card College Light.

ChawhanvipGabriel Z. He gives the reader all the tools necessary for a professional-quality performance.

Is the Card College series by Roberto Giobbi a Good Read?

Dec 9, Dai Vernon’s breadth of work during his lifetime is tremendous. He encourages you throughout to develop your own scripts if you wish and to mix and match the tricks into your own routines.

For whom is this book intended?


I love effects like this that allow you concentrate on presentation and not worry so much about that pass or slip cut you’ve got to execute perfectly with everyone watching your hands. Although other books consider the same type of material, their approaches to it are quite different from Giobbi’s. It only teaches card magic and basic flourishes — no cardistry.

Card College Light By Roberto Giobbi Book

The good gobbi about this book is that the effects are already grouped into threes. They are also newer and so he mentions improvements to his approach and teaching since he wrote card college. When it comes to artistic considerations—interpretation, staging, communication and psychology—other books seldom even recognize such concepts. Have a question about this product?

Card College Light strives to remain as simple as possible, yet to identify concepts and to open doors that put sleightless tricks into the context of artistic and utterly baffling card magic.

Card College Lightis in a class apart from other books that focus on sleightless card tricks. I lihgt that the French version was a translation of the Spanish version published in If you have yet to encounter Roberto Giobbi, you will find Card College Lightest a delightful introduction.

If you are still interested in card magic get these books as well. I AM the coyote.