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[DocOpen(“%”)][FileOpen(“%bm.p cannot execute the command. Acrobat Reader appears, but with no file Thanks. Configuration. docopen() fileopen() cannot execute the command: nov 1 year ago Problem when updating my tex folder with TexnicCenter open. The problem: Recently I installed TeXnicCenter, which, by the way, is my As a result of this, the DDE command and the location of the PDF.

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Complicated workflow editing a text file, calling the LaTeX compiler, using an additional software like Adobe Reader to view the output High learning efforts to get used to the LaTeX markup commands To tell it in advance: I will not go into details here, but I want you to get a feeling of LaTeX.

Not sure if it makes a difference but in the windows registry the keys: Bill 3, 4 23 Control 3 Texniccwnter search: Alexis Pigeon 6, 9 32 Sign executte using Facebook. I had to use a combination of the above answers, though, so I thought I would document what worked for me.

I tried “AcroViewR10” or tsxniccenter and other combination, but still it does not work. Everytime I update something, I have to solve this issue here again and again.


This is something you will never encounter when working with LaTeX. The command for the “view project’s outputs” has to be:.

If you are used to HTML this may be quite familar to you, with the difference that LaTeX is focused on high quality printable documents like books. Especially when mathematical formulas are involved, the results are impressive.

TeXnicCenter » About LaTeX

If I close the error message and press F5 a second time with Acrobat Reader now open then it will open the document. I am just putting it step by step, so someone else can use it. It provides many menu items and dialogs to quickly insert the necessary markup commands. These are the same settings including file paths, which I think are correct because that is where I find the executables in the folders as in Configure TeXnic Center with Sumatra for the viewer tab and the same settings as suggested in How to configure TeXnicCenter 2.

The following sections will provide the answers… Concentrate on Content not on Layout When you write a document you should concentrate on its content insted of its layout. Adobe Reader and you will see something similar to the screenshot on the right.


I assume you’re fine with an updated view in SumatraPDF until some random later compilation. Short Example To get an idea of what we are talking about, lets run through a short example. So, it takes an extra click or so. LaTeX is macro package for the type setting system TeX. Instead of typing in a document showing the final layout the document is typed as a simple text texnicdenter. The final look of the document can be changed completely by just using another document class.

There are some lines that run past the picture; here they are: So you can concentrate on what matters: Elias 3 So you have to make updates. It did not work in my case too.

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When it is finished execute the same command again. Something I needed to do as well as changing the server was: When I build the output, I can view it in pdf using sumatrapdf by pressing F5 sometimes, but most of the time I have to rebuild the output until it works. Email Required, but never shown.