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This long awaited fifth installment of the famous adventures of Captain Alatriste tells of an aristocratic love affair between Alatriste and María de Castro, the most . “Don Francisco de Quevedo me dirigió una mirada que interpreté como era debido, pues fui detrás del capitán Alatriste. Avísame. Booktopia has El Caballero del Jubon Amarillo, Las Aventuras Del Capitan Alatriste by Arturo Perez-Reverte. Buy a discounted Paperback of El Caballero del.

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I don’t want to give spoilers, but the book portrays several very clear examples of just how much an honor code society can trap people into attitudes and behaviors that they don’t really want to engage in, unintended hostilities, and behaviors that completely contradict any self-interested survival instinct. The first person narrator – amsrillo young page Inigo Balboa – made me think of the Arthurian knight from Bernard Cornwell Warlord Chronicles: It is also a time when upholding one’s honor against all, even the most minuscule offenses, are reason for duel’s and outright murder.

He worked as a war reporter for twenty-one years – Feb 12, Gleb rated it liked it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Arturo Perez-Reverte seems to have taken a long hard look at the deficiencies in the previous volumes and repeaired them. That being said this is still a fun adventure, and the continuing juboh of Inigo the narrator is daballero well done.

The suspense is masterful, with Alatriste and Inigo both independently betrayed by their foolish pride or love, and racing, swords in hand, against a very short deadline separately but toward the same goal. Things begin to cabaloero apart and friends don’t know who to believe or who to support, and poets and playwrights maintain the arts.

I was introduced to Perez-Reverte based on information that this man’s writing was inspired by Dumas. Perhaps an even more evil immaculate copy of Dumas’s Milady, Angelica has some intrigues up her own sleeve to play Inigo as her slave. The vanity of the swordsmen for a decaying empire, duels over one wrong glance, strict adherence to considerations of honor, pageantry, assignations, plays, poets whose stars rise and fall at the whims of the court: Previous volumes in the series suffered from a strange distancing effect, partly the result of the narrative construction the events are related in hindsight by the now elderly former apprentice of Alatriste himself.


I adored Alatriste, much like Inigo, looking up to him as this great man, a gentleman and a soldier cut from a different cloth than the rest of humanity.

Series about captain Alatriste are very interesting and all covered with hidden facts which explain in some way modern Spain, but, as for me, I think the series needs one big and very strong finish. That was confirmed inwhen was published the first book of his Captain Alatriste saga, which has been his trademark.

Open Preview See a Problem? Caballeri books in the series. Feb 10, Oscar Amador rated it really liked it. This weakness for a beautiful woman, despite all dangers, is a trait he and Inigo share, as it turns out.

Caballero del Jubon Amarillo, El – Las Aventuras del Capitan Alatriste

What was good was the description of 17th Century Spain. Oct 12, Miguel rated it liked it. Months later I picked it back up. The soldiers like Alatriste and Inigo are hard yet honest, while those who ru In this addition to the Captain Alatriste series there is a plot afoot to kill the King cxballero Spain and then to frame Alatriste as the assassin.

It wasn’t that he no longer loved La Lebrijana, but when a woman as beautiful as de Castro comes into his path, he’s not about to walk away, even when jjubon becomes apparent his own skin is on the line, and that his rival for this great beauty’s affection is Cabaallero KING.

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El caballero del jubon amarillo / The Man in the Yellow Doublet (Captain Alatriste Series, Book 5)

The story focuses primarily on Alatriste’s relationship with the beautiful actress Maria Castro, a real pearl of the theatre.

Risking their lives and friendships, they race to save their monarch, facing off against friends and old enemies alike. The plot ran very smoothly, and felt like an adventure series should– flashing swords, loyal friends, beautiful and perhaps treacherous women, and enemies t This seemed rather slow to get started to me, and there was a lot of repetition.

As the title suggests, the King plays a central role in the regicide plot. An adversary respects you even if he stabs you in the back.

And what a hero Captain Alatriste is! Refresh and try again. Trivia About El caballero del I’m curious to read one of his books in Spanish to see if any of the power and thrill is lost dell translation.

El caballero del jubón amarillo

Oct 07, Lee rated it liked it Shelves: A quiet man, normally calm and thoughtful yet swift into action. The narrator is very fond of relating how some other character would die, years after this story, and of mourning the greatness of Spain in the previous century. We’re far enough along in the books where the events that he has been foreshadowing in the past books are starting to crop up with more frequency, cabal,ero it’s a lot of fun to recognize them when they happen.

Not God, but his King, for whom he has bled so much, given so much of his life to. Each comprises a stand-alone story, with Balboa’s narration linking elements from earlier and, presumably, future tales.