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Busting the Bocage: Hedgerow Fighting with the 2nd Ranger Battalion. This scenario pack depicts fighting involving the US 2nd Ranger Battalion on and shortly. Buy Busting the Bocage: American Combined Operations in France, 6 June July by Michael D. Doubler, Combat Studies Institute (ISBN. Im playing the missione busting the bocage, but i do not understand one thing. The tactic is: 1. move the rhino through the bocage to create a.

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The variations in technique reflected the individual ideas and experiences of commanders at all levels within each division concerning how to best attack through the hedgerows.

Busting the Bocage | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

During the movement one man was shot by a sniper firing one round. Engineers had the overall mission of increasing combat effectiveness through acts of construction or demolition designed to facilitate friendly movement or to hinder the enemy’s mobility.

Instead, they tended not to fire at suspected enemy positions but to wait for a definite target before opening fire. The Army National Guard,which has been hailed as the definitive history of the Army Guard. Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Busting the Bocage (1st Edition)

Simultaneously, the infantry fired from their positions with their own small arms. If you made a hole with a rhino you don’t need to make another, unless the enemy can fire on your hole and you can find a better place. To echo what George MC said.

Due to the nature of loose counters, if a game is unplayable it may be returned for a refund of the purchase price. Ibid, no, 19, 1. New tactics and technical innovations allowed First Army units to close with and destroy a well-prepared defender. After observing that tanks with pipes could penetrate some hedgerows on their own, First Lieutenant Charles B.

Units trained and conducted rehearsals in rear areas before trying new tactics in obcage. The first was the critical importance of dynamic, competent leader- ship. Maybe i do not fully understand the tactic.


A suitable in-game adjustment might be to make all AFV fire through non-gapped High Bocage Area Fire even if the unit can “see” the target. The bueting proved so successful that the th outfitted numerous tanks with the pipe devices.

Often infantry platoons could not warn the tankers about antitank traps and weapons.

The theory ran that GHQ tank battalions could be attached singly or in groups to infantry divisions for specific operations or that commanders at the highest levels could mass GHQ tank units for exploitation missions in much the same way as an armored blcage might be employed. Further- more, American troops showed a remarkable capacity to learn from their mistakes and experiences. Army, bocahe, — Tank and infantry teams attack along outer edges of fields, then sweep across the objective.

The tactics they developed and employed varied slightly from the procedures used in the 29th Division.

Before they could conduct a blitz campaign, the Allies needed sufficient space to deploy their formations and favorable terrain on which to maneuver. Small detachments defended each field and its surrounding hedgerows. Burying the charges would greatly increase the efficiency of the demolitions, allow the use of smaller charges, and alleviate problems associated with availability, transport, and emplacement.

Bill Mullen rated it it was ok Jul 05, For this reason, Army planners had not bocave tanks, neither in their role nor in their organizational composition. Besides the pilot, the aircraft carried a skilled forward observer equipped with radios linked to the fire-direction centers of supporting artillery units.

Due to low, wet ground in the sector, the 83d Division had to attack with two regiments abreast busring a narrow strip of high ground on both sides of the main Carentan- Periers highway. Battles of an Airborne Com- mander, — New York: Weeks might pass before enough dozer tanks became available to allow widespread armor operations through the hedgerows. Leaders learned in combat how best to use their organic weapons and equipment.

The squad moved through the hedgerow de- ployed on line and advanced across the open field using stan- dard methods of fire and movement.

When the tankers did lead the attack, infantrymen had a tendency to lag behind and were slow in following the tanks to the objective.

The natural, uneven lay of the land in the rest of the American sector made command and control of deployed combat forces extremely difficult. Every item in our inventory has been inspected, very strictly graded, and bagged for its protection. At the small-unit level, this made the devel- opment of the teamwork and esprit so important to the success of the tank-infantry team almost impossible. Also if I think theres enemy armor around at all, I restrict tank movement especially as allies and if I must move my armor its in short hops.


Only enough fresh troops arrived in Normandy to replace 12 percent of the losses. But it is not as if Busting the Bocage has not been constantly thrown at the ASL world in the intervening years.

Company commanders bcage their organic mm mortars in an attempt to knock out German machine-gun positions.

Complete and very useable. Each field has an opening in the hedgerow that permits access for humans, livestock, and farm equipment. Infantrymen strapped one phone onto the rear of a Sherman’s back deck and then connected it by wire to a second phone located inside the tank’s turret.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Infantrymen and tank crews dis- covered the best way to communicate was through the tanks’ interphone boxes, which were connected directly into the tanks’ intercom systems, and were then mounted on each Sherman’s back deck in empty ammunition containers.

Busting the Bocage / Petty’s War — Desperation Morale

In First Army, each division had ten light aircraft assigned for liaison missions, and each corps headquarters had from fifty to seventy aircraft. He is also the author boccage Civilian in Peace, Soldier in War: Return to Book Page. The Germans now found themselves defending along a static line with few forces left to mount any large-scale counterattacks. Numerous adjoining fields can be organized blcage form a natural defensive position echeloned in depth. In the hedgerow country, the U.

Rundstedt disagreed with his most trusted subordinate, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel.