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Bouchon Bakery is a cookbook written by American chef Thomas Keller and Sebastien Rouxel. The cookbook’s pastry recipes are based on those from. Bouchon Bakery also markets itself to home bakers, although most recipes need professional equipment, ingredients, or plenty of four-handed maneuvers. Except for a few minor quibbles, I think Bouchon Bakery is one of the Recipes for right now: Olive Oil Cake, Cinnamon Honey Scones, Hot.

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Maybe I’ll get there someday, but the first step is learning.

Update: Bouchon Bakery Cookbook | Michael Ruhlman

View all 3 comments. Aug 26, Lee rated it really liked it Shelves: Amy Vogler is heroic in her organization and has mapped out times for the mixing, fermenting, proofing times for all the doughs so that they’ll be ready to photograph.

Some of the instructions are over-detailed or too specific, so I have to look up alternatives for brand name ingredients. What began on Tuesday was the photography for the book, truly remarkable images from the amazing Deborah Jones most of the chefs who have worked on these books preface her name that way.

Want to Read Currently Reading Bakedy.

Bouchon Bakery

Marlene I cannot wait for this book to come out. Natalie Sztern Michael I think Andrew is looking for cooibook editing job: I have basically the same question as John.


Most photography happens in Susie’s kitchen; here Deborah shoots some shaped rolls; her camera is tethered to the iMac scrutinized by her assistant Josh. I am a baker living in Africa currently on holiday in the US and I would like to have someone get the book and ship it to me. If you are a foodie, own a restaurant that is struggling, or are contemplating getting into the business, follow this man’s lead and you will never go wrong.

InI flew out here to have dinner at the French Laundry and meet Chef Keller, who wanted to write a book. Bakefy want your job Michael! If you buy a cookbook for the sole purpose of making the recipes, then I would suggest passing this one by.

This is a book I will own and value. It appears from the photo that the baker is making a common scoring error.

Update: Bouchon Bakery Cookbook

Do I recommend this book? I look forward to the book. They make me want to try much harder to make my baking pretty I’ve become very used to my sloppy handiwork.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. There are recipes in here ocokbook I’m likely never going to make – Bouchon Bakery house specialties which I don’t care too much about right now in my quest to learn the classics – but they’re sure fun to look at and read about. And what happens for Deborah is pretty amazing, a real production requiring many people and rigorous organization, particularly given that what was being photographed was bread dough.


I’m still reading it when I like to try something new.

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This will be the fifth book in a series led by Thomas Keller that began with The French Laundry Cookbook which is one of the best chef-restaurant cookbooks ever do we need full dislosure here?

The technique and equipment are how you get bakery-quality goods and every departure from the technique cokbook a chance for the quality to go down. Yes, the book is enormous but I found the size useful- it lays open to the correct bakeey on my counter. Big plus is for having nice photos of the food recipes. A lot of amazing photos, stories, and recipes. But if you are, then you will love it! I love the thick pages, rich with color photography.

The man just knows his stuff period. He is the only American chef to have been awarded simultaneous three star Michelin ratings for two different restaurants. Bread dough cannot be rushed and it waits for no one.

I have great respect for her any project she graces!