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Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence is a book written by Jaswant Singh, a former Finance Minister of India and an External Affairs Minister, on Pakistan’s. Excerpts from Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence by Jaswant Singh, the veteran Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader whose views on the. In an interview on the eve of the launch of his book on Jinnah, Singh took a divergent stand from the Sangh as well as popular Indian.

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To view it, click here. India-Partition-Independence by Jaswant Singh. I would consider the desirability of retiring to a South Sea island where there would be some hope of meeting people who were intelligent enough or ignorant enough not to sjngh of the 14 points.

One may agree to Jaswant Singh’s opinions in the book or not but indeed it is an honest en devour for which Mr Singh must be appreciated and recognized. History books usually paint one or the other as the villain, depending on whose version of events you are reading, but it is often not so black and white in reality.

Author writes about history of Muslims and India in brief and about birth and childhood of Jaswajt in few pages.

Its a good book,certainly not in the ‘great’ category,but good and to the point. This is an honest book, and one that deserves the highest praise. Dec 27, Imran Aslam rated it really liked it. The patronage of congress in demonizing individuals is not a recently acquired one but is in the roots of the congress right from its establishment.

In that book whenever the name of Jinnah came I felt a tickling going in my body jinnan prodded me to read this book which was resting in my bookshelf for last five months. The author argues that the act of partition cannot be simply attributed to an individual but was the product of the intransigence of the Indian National Congress, flawed colonial policies of the British, and the persistence of the Jinnah-led Muslim league.


The author describes Jinnah as “largely a self educated, a self made man, anxious as a youth that his merit should gain recognition and be duly rewarded”. Her argument is that no one person or a group of persons were responsible for Partition: This is an extremely good book. Believe me, if you are not scholar,this is a boring book and writing style has power o put you to sleep after reading 10 pages.

Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence by Jaswant Singh

In the author’s view Jinnah’s outlook was all realpolitik, unsupported by any ideological content. It has seared the psyche of four plus generations of this subcontinent. Aug 04, Om Bandlur rated it really liked it.

Jul 16, Rishika rated it liked it. Politics has not changed much since. However, as the chief architect of this vivisection he deserved to be the chief protagonist. Jinnah has been a major inspiration in my life and is one person I absolutely love knowing more about.

Jinnah: India, Partition, Independence – Wikipedia

Lists with This Book. He also had no love lost for the Muslims. I was reading a book by Bipin Chandra, India’s struggle for freedom. Within a few pages. Just a moment while we sign you in songh your Goodreads account.

BJP expels Jaswant Singh over praise for Jinnah in his book

The real gist of this book is that partition can be avoided if Nehru and congress had agreed on federal form of govt rather than unitary form of govt with strong centre.

Nov 18, Venu. As far as I know Jinnah was as not a religious man in personal life. In a way i’ll admit that i got a whole new picture of Jinnah in Jinjah politics, “his role as an Am Jawwant from Jaswant Singh, an old hand in Indian politics this one is a treat for anyone who wants to know about Jinnah. Preview — Jinnah by Jaswant Singh. Jinnah did not wish to touch the poor, but then Gandhi’s instincts were rooted in India and lifelong he soiled his hands in helping squalid poor” Jaswant Singh comes up with some seminal conclusions as he presents his viesws against communal reservation communal reservation: May 22, Humayun khan Ladhuka rated it it was amazing.


It is a political biography. Published August 31st by Rupa first published August 1st Inauguration ceremony of Mohmand dam postponed. IN his controversial book Jinnah India — Parition — Independence, Jaswant Singh writes that, ‘Jinnah was potentially kind, but in behaviour extremely cold and distant.

Key excerpts from Jaswant Singh’s book

However, Jaswant has summed up well in the end though I dont agree with a few things what he has put in. Jjaswant course when Jaswant Singh, who belonged to the BJP party an anti-Pakistan, staunch Hindu political partywrote about Jinnah he got everyone’s intrigue. After jinnh this book, I can see why Jaswant Singh had to face such a barrage of criticism, even expulsion from his party.

Jinnah’s one singular trait, his one unpardonable sin, was his stark and unvarnished candour which was little understood and even less appreciated by others. Indian authors vilify Jinnah; John Keay just reports the event and has no opinion; Dominique Lappierre eulogies Mountbatten; but I think Jaswant Singh has hit it on the nail jimnah he tries to analyze the events that occured, and correctly indentifies the reasons behind Partition and the role played by each of the parties; Congress for pushing Jinnah away and pinning him in a corner from where Pakistan was the only option, Jinnah for demanding Pakistan as a negotiating tactic to gain more representation and voice in an Indian government and then not jinah what to do once his wish came true and finally on the British for widening the rift between the two communities for their own narrow gains and the jswant manner in which it was finally executed.

Why did this partition take place at all?

Mar 16, Rajiv Chopra rated it really liked it Shelves: Known for his moderate political view Jaswant Singh is an Indian politician.