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Bomber follows the progress of an Allied air raid through a period of 24 hours in the summer of , portraying all the participants in a terrifying drama, both in. The classic novel of the Second World War that relates in devastating detail the hour story of an allied bombing is a novel war. There are no. Listen to “Bomber” by Len Deighton available from Rakuten Kobo. Narrated by Richard Burnip. Start a free day trial today and get your first audiobook free.

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There are no heroes and there are no winners Nov 21, Anthony Ryan rated it it was amazing. A book that you develop an emotional chord for as you read it–perhaps this is why it is hard to let these works go into cardboard boxes and out dwighton a curb. And this review doesn’t do it justice.

It’s a fair and sympathetic look at the terror that people experienced, both on the ground and in the air. To say that Sam and his men are the main characters would be a mischaracterization.

You submitted the following rating and review. I would happily have given it five stars but for the fact that he has a strange obsession with the weather – in this respect alone he reads like a man who has done his research and is damned well going to use it — which his editor would have done well to rein in. The novel is a devastating indictment of war and the role of individuals as small cogs in a vast military machine, as a mistake means that tens of thousands of tonnes of explosive is dropped, not on its industrial target Krefeld, but on the small town of Altgarten, with devasting effects.

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The British base at Warley Fen, the Luftwaffe base at Kroonsdijik, and the bombed village of Altgarten hit by mistake are all inventions.

Len Deighton – Bomber

By contrast, there are dozens of characters in Bomber of approximately equal importance, which causes serious difficulties – they tend to be introduced with dull and lengthy biographical sketches, holding up the plot, and it is hard for the reader to remember who is who. With documentary precision, he has created a powerful panoramic account of a bombing raid over the Ruhr during World War II.

Characters which are hard to forget. The author goes back and forth between the Germans and the RAF military most of whom are pilots. Still, for all this time, familiarity on the leen has given me a favourable opinion of Deighton’s work Nomber IPCRESS File was an exception, but that was his first novel, and in retrospect reading such a demanding work on the bus was probably a bad ideaand so I was greatly pleased to hear that his novel, Bomberhad been longlisted for the Lost Man Booker Prize.

A buttress fell with an awful crash. Recommended to rabbitprincess by: Preview — Bomber by Len Deighton.

This is an amazingly effective tactic. It was repeated on Radio 4 Extra on Armistice Day The mundane minutiae of these men and women accumulate throughout hundreds of pages of set-up. But that is nomber story for another day. It brings home in brutal detail the reality of the bombe campaign in Deightoon. The Day of the Jackal.

Apart from mortally harming the gunner the explosion of the HE shell fractured the metal formers at a place where, after manufacture, the rear part of the fuselage is bolted on.

Unfortunately it is has so many characters and so much minutiae that I lost track and lost interest in the primary action of the book: I mean really who cares deighto the 5th airplane mechanic from the left had for breakfast. From the prejudices of RAF officers, the workings of a bomber station, to the German radar installations on the Dutch coast and the small market town of Altgarten to suffers a heavy bomber raid.


As Lambert nears his tour’s end, he is developing signs of exhaustion. Item s unavailable for purchase. Deighton gives you everything you could ask for; and more. Many readers and whoever wrote the description for this book call it a book of war.

Suddenly from the Liebefrau church there was a tremendous crash. He piles on details and specifications about the flight envelope of the Lancaster, the plotting techniques of German radar operators, the methods of Luftwaffe night fighters, and the physics of bombe phosphorous.

There are simply those who remain alive, and those who die. It reproduces a detail from Turner’s painting ‘Fisherman at Sea off the Needles.

Bomber by Len Deighton

Deighton is a historian as well as a novelist, and the technical aspects of the novel are precise. Many of these subplots are rather lame. Falling from 16, feet at miles per hour his body’s terminal velocity he hits the ground in 90 seconds dwighton makes an indentation 12 inches deep. The soldiers of both sides are beleaguered by insidious forces in bmber. Taste for the grisly? He has since used his drawing skills to illustrate a number of his own military history books.