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Editorial Reviews. Review. *** Snow White with a Vampire twist. ***. From the Author. Blood and Snow is a reinvented fairy tale told from the point of view of. RaShelle Workman is the author of reinvented fairytales and out of this world romance. Blood and Snow (Blood and Snow Omnibus) by RaShelle Workman – book cover, description, publication history.

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Which brings me to the last part. Pick it up free at the Kindle App Store today! Snow White is just a regular girl living next door bpood seven boys who are friends and neighbors until the night she is a bitten by a Hunter and learns about an unbelievable world of vampires and fairy tales. Another item that got very tedious at least to me was the description of smells.

It’s YA and there’s a sorts triangle. Add to Cart failed. The whole rashekle situation was one of those things. Summing everything up it was still a great read though. It is actually Rashellle White. A character rashellle only one parent A girl who doesn’t realize that boys are attracted to her until way late in the game -There’s also a few things within the glood that made me dislike this story.

The only thing that aggravatingly stayed constant was the description of the smells. And action – all bloody and gory action. The book had such great potential. But each relationship was different. So naturally Snow’s life is turned upside down and only true love’s kiss could hold the power to help her. While reading other paranormal books, I’ve always kind of wondered about all the other creatures not mentioned, and RaShelle Workman makes a very interes I was super excited to read Blood and Snow as soon as I read the synopsis.


Snow was down to earth, sweet, and a very likeable character. Bu I got this the other day from Amazon for free. Note the space between ‘boy’ and ‘friends. Dec 17, Traci rated it liked it Shelves: What is happening to snow? Jun 26, Hunter Mallone rated it it was ok.

rashelle | Blood and Snow World

With this only being a series of short books this really does need to capture your interest straight away which it kind of did but it did take awhile to actually get to the point of the story which was a shame but maybe the next book will be better.

I am one of those people; I won’t read any of the installments until they are all released, preferably compiled into one book. She thought and acted as though she were a year-old girl.

In this version, Snow White is an almost 16 year old girl living with her absentee father and stepmother.

RaShelle Workman

I most definitely recommend this one! The Snuggly Blood and Snow took me on a rollercoaster of a romance ride.

We all know the original story of Snow White. Other books in the series. All ahd them actually show interest in Snow, unbeknownst to her.

Blood and Snow

Blood and Snow 1. His attitude about everything irked me. I sno many people enjoyed this, but I’m not sure this story is for me.


I love fairy tales, and I love vampires when their well written. They do easily flow together, like a normal book, workmab no worries there. Another thing is that she kept on flitting between guys, saying she loved one, then the other, back and forth throughout the book.

New characters kept popping up, some older characters made return cameos. I enjoyed the pace of these novellas. The Bad I think one of the biggest annoyances was Snow’s reactions to big events. It’s kind of creepy and gross because Gabe is aggravating. Not only wormman he serve as a father figure to Snow, he also was her mentor. Snow White and vampires.

I can’t say rashel,e because in order to smow, you have to love and I never loved them. It starts off slow, however, Workman offers new tidbits of info at just the right moments to maintain a steady flow. Every thousand years the Vampire Queen selects a new body, always the fairest in the land, and this time she’s chosen Snow White’s Pops was an amazing father figure for Snow. New characters I would never have thought to include Yes, to those who love paranormal stories with interesting twists.

Kindle Editionpages. I think Workman included every fantasy being under the sun.