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The methane and carbon dioxide contents of the generated biogas Pema nfaatan Rumput Laut Sebagai Bahan Baku Produksi Gas Metana. Evaluasi Mutu dan Penanganan Pascapanen Rumput Laut Eucheuma Pretreatment of Lignocellulosic Waste to Improve Bioethanol and Biogas Production. Phytoremediation is the utilization of green plants to remove pollutants from the environment. A central component of this technology is the use of plants as living .

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Biogas Production from Biological Sludge. A laboratory scale two phase anaerobic digester was used to investigate suitability of cheese whey for biogas production. Making biogas process is conducted at the Laboratory of Marine Science.

As stated above, other gas, N2 gas, was also present in the biogas and with the other gases summed up to Hence, most of current research with regard to energy has been focusing in finding invention of new energy and renewable energy as well as efficient utilization of energy in many processes Sitompul et al.

The high sulfur can bbiogas activity of methanogenic bacteria since it can also be activated by sulfuric reducing bacteria SRB as reported by Migliore et al.

Jurnal Teknologi Lingkungan

The purpose of this study was to determine the potential of seaweed species Sargassum duplicatum and Caulerpa racemosa for the manufacture of biogas as a new alternative energy sources and to know the pressure of gas contained in a type of seaweed Sargassum duplicatum and Caulerpa racemosa as a new alternative energy sources.

Anaerobic llaut of solid organic substrates in batch mode: The method used is a laboratory experimental methods. Acknowledgement We would like to thank Mr. Effect of ISR towards productivity of methane acarbon dioxide b and hydrogen c in biogas from U. It may be caused by the high of sulfur content lauh U.


The AB process for each feedstock was also studied by measuring chemical oxygen demand COD of the slurry in the digester and all of data are sampled triplicate.

This biomass was considered as one of a potential aquatic energy crops Bruhn et al. Characteristics and composition of U. It has high potential growth rates than terrestrial plants McKendry,moreover high level of accessible sugars Bruton et al.

The process parameters are given in the Table 2. Anaerobic digestion of macroalgae biomass and sedimnets sourced from the Orbetello Lagoon Italy. Biogas produced in the end of process 28 days is higher than that produced from banana stem waste with 4. The flammability test was also conducted to check the combustibility of the produced biogas.

Tampilan Petugas: Kajian Teknologi Produksi Biogas Dari Sampah Basah Rumah Tangga

The initial inoculums were prepared from cow manure and water. Acclimatization can influence the activity of methanogenic bacteria toward a wide variety of potentially inhibitory substance. Effect of ISR toward cumulative volume of biogas. In general, the above results of biogas production from semi-pilot scale digester show that green seaweeds U.

Biomass conversion to energy is a very crucial step for producing renewable energy from biomass.

Studies of Biogas Production from Green Seaweeds

Experimental set-up for biogas production from green seaweeds. Taken from the website, www. The mini-pilot scale experiment shows that the volume of biogas from the green seaweed feedstock is about 4. The high productivity of CO2 showed that hydrolysis bacteria as well as acidogenic bacteria can fast adapt with substrate, while methanogenic bacteria still slow since the productivity of CH4 is low.

The experiments started with acclimatization process by preparing inoculums. Furthermore, total N that resulted was low 1. Ulva lactuca is one of green seaweeds found in many coastal areas of Indonesia.


Considering the abundant biomass of U. However, these results can vary depend on time and pretreatment of the biomass. In this study, the potency of U.

lautt The HHV is still lower compared with that of biogas from cow manure and that of other solid fuels but that of U. The Biomass was sun dried after cleaned from sands and the dried biomass was then placed in plastic bag and stored at room temperature. Flammability test of biogas produced from biomass U.

Maximization of Astaxanthin Production from Green Microalga Biogas Production from Biological Sludge Sludge? Dried biomass was soaked in water for 2 h to get back the initial form of the biomass.

COM To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. Indonesia has a large number of marine biodiversity including seaweeds.

Further, a terrestrial biomass, banana stem waste, was used as comparison. The HHV of the biogas from U. Based on the results of research in getting the peak pressure for this type of seaweed Sargassum duplicatum is These results show that methane production rate will increase with increasing of ISR because of high methanogenic bacteria in ISR 2: Aug 20, – ISSN: Jun 28, – E-mail: Rmput pressure thermal hydrolysis as pre N ratio of biomass were around Furthermore, mL feed was added every 3 days and slurry also was removed at the same time.

Sustainable Energy Ireland Report. The anaerobic treatability and methane generation potential of the wastewaters of the three important agro- industries in Turkey, namely,