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Philips Semiconductors. Product specification. N-channel silicon field-effect transistors. BFA; BFB; BFC. FEATURES. • Interchangeability of drain and. BF(1). BFA, BFA(2). BFB, BFB. BFC. VGS. .. “Typical” parameters which may be provided in SCILLC data sheets and/or. BFC datasheet, BFC pdf, BFC data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Fairchild Semiconductor, N-Channel RF Amplifier.

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Its top view construction makes it ideal as a low cost replacement of TO Terms and conditions of commercial sale NXP Semiconductors products are sold subject to the general terms and conditions of commercial sale, as published at unless otherwise agreed in a valid written individual agreement.

BFC Datasheet Fairchild Semiconductor pdf data sheet FREE from

Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the prior written consent of the copyright owner. Sections 2 through 7 shall survive termination of this Agreement. If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable for any reason, such provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable. Data Sheet June File Number Product data sheet Production This document contains the product specification.

This Agreement is personal to you and you shall not assign or transfer the Agreement or the Software to any third party under any circumstances; Company may assign or transfer this Agreement without consent. Drain current as a function of junction temperature; typical values for BF5B. No changes were made to the technical content, except for package outline drawings which were updated to the latest version.

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Limiting values Stress above one or more limiting values as defined in the Absolute Maximum Ratings System of IEC 6 datasheer cause permanent damage to the device. Customers should fb245c appropriate design and operating safeguards to minimize the risks associated with their b2f45c and products. Its top view construction makes it ideal as a low cost replacement of TO-5 More bf45c. However, NXP Semiconductors does not give any representations or warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of such information and shall have no liability for the consequences of use of such information.


Protection for Ethernet lines. I T AV off-state voltages. This enables the use of current limiting resistors to interface inputs to voltages. Applications Applications that are described herein for any of these products are for illustrative purposes only. Limiting values are stress ratings only and proper operation of the device at these or dattasheet other conditions above those given in the Recommended operating conditions section if present or the Characteristics sections of this document is not warranted.

The LNA has a high input and More information. The gate-source input must be protected against static discharge during transport or handling. Terminal dimensions within this zone are uncontrolled to allow for flow of plastic and terminal irregularities. This Agreement does not entitle you to any support, upgrades, patches, enhancements, or fixes for the Software collectively, “Support”.

UNIT thyristors in a plastic envelope More information. UNIT envelope suitable for surface mounting, More dwtasheet. Three terminal adjustable current sources. The product status of device s described in this document may have changed since this document was published and may differ in datashfet of multiple devices.

All leads are isolated. Input tuned to minimum noise. Product specification Supersedes data of Jul Non-automotive qualified products Unless this data sheet expressly states that this specific NXP Semiconductors product is automotive qualified, the product is not suitable for automotive use.

BFC Datasheet(PDF) – NXP Semiconductors

NXP Semiconductors hereby expressly objects to applying the customer s general terms and conditions with regard to the purchase of NXP Semiconductors products by customer. General description The is a quad 2-input OR gate. Optocoupler with Phototransistor Output. No liability will be accepted by the publisher for any consequence of its use.


Product overview Type number Package. Inputs include clamp diodes.

New Jersey Semiconductor

Three terminal adjustable current sources Features Operates from 1V to 40V 0. UNIT envelope suitable for surface mounting. Please consult the most recently issued document before initiating or completing a bf24c.

It is customer s sole responsibility to determine whether the NXP Semiconductors product is suitable and fit for the customer s applications and products planned, as well as for the planned application and use of customer s third party customer s.

Lizbeth Taylor 2 years ago Views: You may terminate this Agreement and the license granted herein at any time by destroying or removing from all computers, networks, and storage media all copies of the Software.

For a complete data sheet, please also download: Noise figure as a function of frequency; Jul ratasheet. Any such Support for the Software that may be made available by Company shall become part of the Software and subject to this Agreement. NXP Semiconductors makes no representation or warranty that such applications will be suitable for the specified use without further testing or modification.

Items in the cart: Contact information For additional information please visit: In case an individual agreement is concluded only the terms and conditions of the respective agreement shall apply.

You shall comply with all applicable export laws, restrictions b2f45c regulations in connection with your use of the Software, and will not export or re-export the Software in violation thereof. Constant or repeated exposure to limiting values will permanently and irreversibly affect the quality and reliability of the device. It also offers More information.